October 18, 2021 9:04 pm



A dropped and crashed car in a container parked in a school in Lagos [Photos]

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A container laden truck fell on a private car parked inside the premises of a private school at Anthony Village loop, in Lagos at about 12pm today February 3.

{“text”:”A truck full of trucks crashed over a private car parked in a private school building at the Anthony Village Loop in Lagos today around February 3rd around 12.00.\n\nDirector-General of Lagos State Emergency Management LASEMA Dr Femi Oke-Osamyintolu Mentions the said event\nThe agency launched a plan to deal with a falling container that ended up with an AKD 172 FK-registered Toyota Corolla.\nA truck with the AYE 628 ZQ registration was overturned as it was disembarking from Anthony Oke in Ikorodu Road. The action was continued by LASTMA officials and Nigerian police at the school grounds. Drivers should avoid ashes due to congestion. \”\nA container van crashed and a reported compaction car parked inside a school building in Lagos [Picture] first appeared in the Oriental Times.”}

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