May 17, 2021 12:56 pm

“This Is Why He Shows No Remorse After Cheating”


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“He’s Cheating And He’s Not Remorseful” WHY?

While some people feel really bad because they hurt their spouse and betrayed their trust, there are others who just don’t. Nevertheless, most cheaters tend to alienate themselves from their feelings beforehand. So, they probably do not care who they hurt regardless of how repentant they seem.

Are you wondering why he shows no remorse? It kills to see that they don’t appear to be sorry.

This is the guide for you. It explains some reasons why most men can cheat without been remorseful.

  • He Doesn’t Respect You

Well,it obvious as any man who has any love or respect for his spouse will abstain from being unfaithful. Therefore, it follows that if a man has no respect for you, he will go out to cheat. Certainly, respect is essential in any relationship and can be described as a deep admiration for a person based on their character, personality, achievements, and so on.

  • He Feels Guilty And Wants The Feeling To Go Away

Guilt is a pretty crappy feeling, and no one would voluntarily want to feel bad, much less someone who has cheated. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon for a cheating spouse to avoid the feeling of guilt because he fears that it would make him appear like a monster after realizing much pain he caused. In such cases, the unfaithful spouse will likely be asking himself, ‘does the guilt of cheating ever go away?’. No doubt, such feelings, coupled with how the betrayed spouse (his woman) acts towards him, will lead him to decide on a course of action. So, in the act of self-preservation, your man might believe that to feel less crappy about himself, he’s better off just avoiding the feelings of guilt and remorse altogether.

  • He Is Angry

Anger is a pretty ugly emotion that can lead some of us to become irrational; some of which they come to regret and feel remorse over. That said, when it comes to an affair, there are a lot of factors that could bring it about. One such is anger, which then leads the cheater to justify what he did.

An example is a husband who feels bad because he isn’t getting enough sex or emotional attention. However, instead of talking about it, he would rather cheat as a means of expressing his anger.

  • He Doesn’t Think He Has Done Anything Wrong

So, why would a person not show remorse after betraying someone else? It could be because they don’t think they’ve done anything worthy of remorse.

For instance, some of us believe that men are inherently polygamous in nature and, therefore, one woman is never enough. Consequently, when such men cheat, they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong because, according to them, they are only acting within the confines of their belief.

  • He’s Out Of The Relationship

An affair could mean that your spouse is no longer interested in being with you and wants to get out. While it might be difficult to believe, there are many out there who think that the only way to get out of a marriage is to cheat. But, this is a very cowardly thing to do and isn’t attractive in any way. Therefore, if your man cheats and claims that it was his way to get out of the relationship, then don’t beat yourself up about it.

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7 thoughts on ““This Is Why He Shows No Remorse After Cheating””

  1. Some even claim it’s nothing since the one they truly love is their spouse and this is wrong.

    Nice piece Uche!!

  2. Amarachi Ndubueze

    Well I feel nobody should be cheating regardless of whatever it is they are feeling inside. There’s something called communication and I’ve seen it work in many ways than it meets the eye. If you feel you cannot with your current relationship anymore just communicate! That’s just going to go a long way.


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