May 17, 2021 12:55 pm

The Science of Skill Acquisition & Learning


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#Growth, #Learning, #science, #Self Development, #Skill Acquisition

This piece aims to investigate the basic causes of a successful skill acquisition process. 

So what makes one go from zero to expert on a skill?

We all know that practice makes perfect, but this is just a fact not deep nor fundamental enough. 

Maybe a peek into how the mind works will illuminate the behind-the-scenes of skill acquisition.

The Brain VS Learning 

When you learn something new, your brain is forming new linkages, new pathways. 

Its like painting a picture in very low resolution. 

If you save a picture that turns out2 to be 100KB, that picture is probably poor quality and lacking detail when viewed. That’s how the mind works.

On the other hand, it can be likened to making a road in a bush. The more people walk that road, the more the grasses pave way. 

However, to increase that resolution, more data is needed. The more you practice that skill, the more data is taken in.

But practice is just one out of 3 factors. Practice gives data, but apart from data, pattern is needed.

Colors make a picture. A data can be any type of color, but pattern is a structured mixture of colors

Mr A and Mr B are both passionate about a skill. But Mr A learned faster why? 

And Mr A does creative stuff with the skill compared to Mr B. Again, Why?

And both of them learned and practiced in the same conditions. Again, Why?

An instrument we know as mathematics can’t offer a lesser analysis of this scenario. For those you are not familiar with equations, I’ll be explanative. 

So let’s delve in.. 

Taking % as a symbol of proportionality we have

Perfection % Practice
Perfection = Practice + K
K = Intelligence Quotient
K is a constant

Perfection = (Practice + K) /T     … (equation 1)

Thats the equation

Where T is Time.

1/T means that one takes lesser time to attain perfection when the person is smart. 

K which is I.Q, introduces 2 things when they are higher
1. Play
2. Mental Stimulation

Now the trick is that this 2 can be simulated/imitated. If you can practice like smart people, you will get the same results.

Bring in 1 and 2 into your practice and you will learn amazingly.

Have you ever ask yourself how your favorite musicians are able to come up with songs that you love, repeatedly?

The music industry applies this equation on a VERY LARGE SCALE

The mind is more fluid when it’s stimulated

#Growth, #Learning, #science, #Self Development, #Skill Acquisition

Some people who are naturally intelligent, don’t need any stimulant to put them on their high. On the other hand, some people would need a source of stimulus. Discover yours!

Play when Learning 

Secondly is Play. Go stupid with what you intend to learn, try and fail, try different shades of it, play, play, play! 🐑

It will all register in your brain in pathways that support creativity.

The end.

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