October 19, 2021 1:58 am



Boko Haram: The war is coming to an end – Attahiru’s new army chief of staff

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The new Chief of Army Staff, Major General Ibrahim Attahiru has assured that the war against Boko Haram insurgency as well as other security challenges in the country would soon be a thing of the past.

The new Chief of Staff Major General Ibrahim Atashiru has assured that the war against the Boko Haram rebellion and other security challenges in the country will soon be a thing of the past. A journalist met for the first time during an on-site evaluation visit to the Nigerian Army’s Special Super 1st Camp in Namdu, Bordeaux.

He said that the basic purpose of this visit is to find out the problems of the troops in order to clarify the measures to solve the problems. .

“I met the commander and received a brief introduction. They told me exactly what their key requirements were. The focus is on military effectiveness. We hope to end this war as soon as possible,” he said. He insisted: “We are playing a role, hoping to capitalize on the success achieved under Operation Tula Takai Bongo and ensure the complete destruction of Boko Haram in Nigeria”.

For this reason, Atahiro hinted that the Army is working with the Republic of Cameroon to eliminate terrorists in Nigeria.

“Not only in the Northeast Theater, we also ensure that our operations are effective in other parts of Nigeria. We will ensure that people work correctly and make insecurity a thing of the past. He also said: “The commander-in-chief is responsible for the operation of the Northeast Theater and the deployment of our troops. Very interested in the state of affairs in other war zones. In this way, first-hand information can reach him. We will work hard to ensure the overall success of the Nigerian army and Nigeria and ensure that these problems are resolved. A standard rotation plan will be announced to resolve overdue issues in the mission area.

” The overdue problem in the mission is a major issue. Don’t worry, in the next few months, we will have a standard rotation plan, and most of you will have to leave the battlefield and be taken by some other soldiers. Replace so that we can continue the war. The war is about to end so that all of us can go back and be with our family.” Atahiro assured.


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5 months ago

I don’t mean any disrespect or any negative meaning to my words here, but I believe the chief of staff is saying the same thing the former chief of staff said, so, practically, it’s the same music played over and over again.
Nothing had changed or will change.
But I pray it changes




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