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The Secrets to Maximizing your WhatsApp Views


The Secret to Maximizing Your WhatsApp Views:

Improve your A.C and S.T.R

Most people use WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family—but we all know that there’s an elephant in the room:

How to get more views on your WhatsApp status?

You’re not alone in wanting to grow your audience—all of us want more views!

Luckily, it’s possible to grow an engaged following by applying these tips and techniques to your daily updates.

Whether you’re looking to network professionally or simply reach out to new people, there are tons of benefits you can reap from using our tips more often on WhatsApp.

We will be sharing a few simple steps to improve your A.C and S.T.R.


“Slide Through Rate;

The percentage of viewers that make it to your last status from your first status.

Active Contacts;

The total percentage of your contacts that view your status.


In order to maximize your WhatsApp views, you should figure out how many people are actively viewing your status.


1. Post when Users are Active the Most


Whatsapp users tend to be more active in the early hours of the morning, late evening or night, as well as on weekends.

People are free from work at these times and will come online to check their WhatsApp and chats.

Posts made at this time tend to reach more people.

Posting during these hours could help your post get viewed by more people throughout the day, especially if you make engaging content.

But that doesn’t mean that posting outside these periods would mean you can’t get views; rather, it means posting during these periods gives you maximum views.

Post at peak times.


2. Post Often


The more you post, the more your posts show up and the more people are likely to click.

The ‘unseen’ problem is also solved as people see your content again in their feed because it’s been posted recently.

One of the best ways to maximize views is by posting consistently for a period of time.

You’ll start noticing that there will be an increase in views from new people and from those who have seen your status earlier and wanted to come back for another look!

It’s important to remember, though, that not all posts get equal views.

If you want high engagement rates, upload videos or images that make viewers feel something.

When doing this, do it at different intervals.

Publish regularly—consistency builds familiarity.


3. Market with Content


This is counter intuitive, but posting educational, informational, and inspiring posts, especially ones related to your industry or niche, will improve your Slide Through Rate and your credibility.

When doing this, avoid self-promotion or things that are too personal in nature.

The goal is to use it as a marketing tool, not a diary!

The more you engage with your followers, the better.

Post this type of content on a regular basis.

Social media should be used as an extension of your existing business and customer service channels, so give people content that will help them that is not all about sales or business.

Inspire and educate your audience. This will let them know you care.


4. Gain More Leads


In a lead generation strategy, your contacts save your number only, unlike regular contact gain.

In contact gain, everyone saves everybody’s contacts, and because the status updates will be many, a lot of these contacts don’t get to view your status.

When you do gain more leads, all of your followers will be people who will be excited to see what you’ve posted on WhatsApp!

This means that you’ll be getting double the number of views than if you had done contact gain.

Gain leads with our Lead XLR8 tool and have people add you up exclusively (people who are interested in what you do and not a randomly generated audience).


5. Spark Curiosity in your Posts


Spark curiosity in your post.

Share a post in a way that makes your viewers want to see the next slide on your status.

Use phrases like, “you won’t believe what happened next” or “I can’t stop laughing at this video.”

Don’t forget about punctuation and capitalization; they help convey emotions and tone for your readers as well as make the reading experience more pleasant.


6. Apply suspense to your post. 


For example, make your post worth seeing and then use a caption like, “See the next slide for more” or “Details in the next slide” so they’ll click through to see the rest of your story.

You can also put a clever question with an answer in the first line so people will click to find out the answer.

e.g., how many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop? or

Do puppies dream when they sleep?


7. Do Giveaway


If you can, no matter how little, do giveaways.

It could be a free gift to your customers for online vendors or discounts, airtime giveaway, etc., just anything you can afford.

Give freebies.

It attracts more viewers and gives them a good impression of you.

It’s a good business growth strategy as well.

Because people love the feeling of getting something for free, they will share the post with their friends in hopes of them winning something too.

So, this is not only benefiting your business, but your followers increase as well, and they feel happy that they are part of a WhatsApp community like yours.

Think of it as an investment.

Giving away products or services is a good way to increase traffic and exposure for your products or services.

Each person who enters the contest has their eyes glued to your content, giving it more time-on-site, which means higher visibility on your status feed.

And this means better ranking for your status because they will even search through their feed for you.

This in turn leads to higher conversion rates, increased revenue, and increased loyalty among customers who will buy from you again when they see what kind of deals you offer on your WhatsApp status.


8. Creating Engaging Content


No matter what platform you’re using, whether it’s WhatsApp or another social media site, engagement is key to getting your content seen.

So how can you create content that will capture your audience’s attention?

-Use humor when possible. In one study of over a million posts on Twitter and WhatsApp, researchers found that comedy tweets generated an average of more retweets per tweet than other types of tweet.

-Create short videos—people are more likely to share and engage with videos than any other type of post.

-Be personal: when sharing content about yourself, use first person and present tense.

-Provide images with captions: the caption has the power to make the image explainable and shareable.

-Engage those who share your content-find out who shared your post and then follow them on social media handles, a way to show appreciation.

-Get followers—invite friends and family members to join your network.

-Encourage participation—create polls, surveys, or contests.


9. Getting People to Promote Your Content


There’s no magic bullet when it comes to getting people to promote your content, but there are a few things you can do to increase the odds that they’ll share it.

One of the most important factors is what type of content you’re publishing.

If your goal is to create buzz around a product or service, one option is to include promotional links in your post.

Another idea is to offer an exclusive gift for those who share your post or offer free swag items that relate to your business.

You can also incentivize sharing by offering something as simple as a shout-out on social media channels for their own brand or giving access to special features.

As long as you’re providing something of value in return for promotion, people will be happy to spread the word about your business, and more followers means more viewers and, in turn, more potential clients.


10. Experiment with Different Content


If you want to maximize your WhatsApp views, you need to experiment with different content.

Try out different photos, videos, and even text-based messages to see what gets the most engagement.

You can also try using different emoji and stickers to see if that helps grab people’s attention.

And don’t forget to test out different calls-to-action to see what encourages people to view your content.

Consider adding a “click here” link at the end of your post or video so that people know where they’re going next.

When writing posts or copy for your video, be sure to include hints on topics that people in your audience are searching for.

Include links to other related pages on your post or other sites with valuable information about the same topic.

The goal is to keep your users engaged while they are on your status by providing them with new content throughout their visit.

Try experimenting with different strategies and see which ones work best for you.

Whether you create posts, photos, or videos, try testing out different versions of each.

Don’t forget to think about how people are viewing your content-do they prefer it as a written post or do they prefer watching a video?

For example, some businesses might find that posting pictures gets more interactions than uploading videos because the viewer has to stop scrolling through their feed in order to watch the whole thing.


Other Tips on Maximizing your WhatsApp Views


Other tips to maximizing or increasing your WhatsApp views include;

Making sure that what you’re sharing is interesting to your audience,

Use images and videos where possible (as they attract attention). ,

Be creative with graphics and video editing tools available, such as Fotor or PowerPoint for pictures.

Responding to comments and questions will help keep them coming back for more.

Make sure your profile picture and cover photo represent who you are (don’t try to be someone else),

Try incorporating videos where possible so people know what they’re getting when they click on your profile page, status (or post),

Make sure to limit text-only posts as they do not show up well on small screens like phones.

And always reply to messages for maximum engagement.

Keep posts short-sweet and simple.

If someone feels that your post is too long, they may not read the whole thing. Instead, give them a quick summary in a few words.

Additionally, if you have pictures to include (of course! ), use one sentence per picture. Captions are necessary because there is no text accompanying each image.

Remember, pictures speak louder than words!

Finally, maximizing your WhatsApp views might not really follow a laid-out principle for you, but you just have to read and pick what works for you and your audience.

If you want more leads(contacts) generated for you, specifically people who are interested in what you do, not a random audience, you can visit our website @ greenconnect.link to leave us a message.

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Teresa Utonwa
Teresa Utonwa
11 months ago

I want more leads(contacts) generated for me, specifically people who are interested in what i do, am into health products

8 months ago

This was very helpful to me thank you

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Ayomikun Bashorun
6 months ago

I’m proudly to save a big thank you with this helpful information

Indeed,you over delivered

Thanks so much once again




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