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Create a topic, Discover your niche and make money online, beautifully.


Trentimes Topic Share Department is a section in the Trentimes Forum where members share on topics of field or interest, getting paid in the process.

The Very Best is in You

Discuss, exhibit, Talk about anything and everything. At Trentimes TSD, there’s a platform for you to express yourself online and reach out to millions who would like to learn from you. 

A Smart way to Package and Monetize your content.

Trentimes hosts a modern content monetization framework that not only helps you to earn on your content but also inspires the best out of anyone who wishes to create a topic; wether you have a topic to share or not.

Getting Started with Trentimes TSD

1. Opt in as a Tutor

After sign up, Set up your Trentimes account and opt in as a Tutor.

2. Discover Your Niche

Our DDPS System helps you find out what you know, what you care about, what the world is looking for and where you can shine.

3. Create And Submit

Start writing, start talking, and start demonstrating. Login into your panel and get access to creative tools to create any type of content suitable for your topic, be it write ups, audio or videos.

4. Grow!

As a Discussant, your topic is published, gaining momentum and reaching the right people who would like to learn. Revenue is automatically generated from your topic content you get paid in real time.

Featured Topics

Find Your Voice

"I read health sciences in school. I'd like to teach on treatment to the most common types of illnesses."
This is me!
"I just love talking on relationship matters'
This is me!
"I am a Business Consultant/Expert. I have a topic that I want to share on running a business"
This is me!
"I'm into music. I'll like to share on writing lyrics."
This is me!
"I have a flawless skin. I am passionate about Skin Care. I am using Trentimes to guide others to a flawless skin."
This is me!
What's your talk?
Goy something you research and want to talk about? Lots of people would love to hear from you!
Um... This is me!

As a Tutor or Discussant, You're are part of a bigger community that offers you excellent leverage.

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Trentimes is committed to making the average Internet user relevant online. Providing an Internet stream of income for all. As a Tutor you get the following;

Learn Topics

Browse through available topics, from How to’s to Business to Relationships to I.T and more. search and request topics. 

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Copyright © 2020. Trentimes. All Rights Reserved.




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