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10 Things Which Can Guarantee Your Marriage Life Is Free From Boredom Today|R-R


Have you wondered why the rate of divorce keeps going high? Most divorces are a result of boredom in marriages.

10 Things Which Can Guarantee Your Marriage Life Is Free From Boredom Today

You should be asking, what really makes one bored in marriage?

What can you do when you get totally bored with your marriage life?

What do you do when you stop feeling the vibes you felt initially when you newly got wedded?

Hey dear, do you think you can’t get bored in your marriage?

And to you, if your marriage is really bored right now, what things do you think you can do to save your marriage from boredom?

This post will help teach you how to spice things up in your marriage life, thereby eliminating all forms of boredom.

Relax as I unfold these helpful tips to enable you to have a lively marriage.

Helpful Tips to Spice up Your Marriage

Your marriage will take a new turn to fun and lasting joy if you take note of these helpful tips to spice up your marriage life.

10 Things Which Can Guarantee Your Marriage Life Is Free From Boredom Today
  1. Communication

The need for communication in marriage can’t be overemphasized.

“No marriage exists without communication”

-Imaeruaka Joseph

Once marriage is concerned, the room can’t be filled. You should communicate often with your partner if you wish to quench boredom in your marriage.

Communicating well with your partner helps you know what really works and what doesn’t work.

Since you have a lifetime to spend with your partner, there isn’t a need to get tired of communicating with them from time to time.

No matter what situations surround your marriage, always try to talk things out with your partner.

As soon as communication with your partner begins to lose weight, boredom will set in to destroy your marriage.

If you value your marriage so much, you must put in more effort to communicate effectively and efficiently at all times with your partner.

Share those beautiful moments you once had.

  1. Cooking Together

A successful marriage encourages the spirit of togetherness.

Cooking together is really a nice idea if you need to spice things up in your marriage.

Although there may not be a chance for you to do this often with your partner, a try once in a while can save your marriage from boredom.

Don’t say you don’t know how to cook.

The key words remain “cooking together” not alone.

You can help support things while your partner cooks or prepares to cook. It’s all fun and you both will learn from each other, improving your cooking skill.

Cooking isn’t really much of a big deal except you see it as so.

You need to change those thoughts and start catching some fun in the kitchen with your partner.

  1. Hangout
10 Things Which Can Guarantee Your Marriage Life Is Free From Boredom Today

No matter how long you have been married, going out on dates or hanging out with your partner isn’t a thing to end.

It should continue and get better year after year, as it helps make your marriage live more lively.

Take out time, pick some nice locations, and take your partner on a date.

It refreshes the love binding you both.

Don’t deprive yourself of the fun, sinking your marriage into boredom. Instead, be free to add more light by hanging out.

You may consider hanging out with other parents or with your spouse alone.

  1. Travel/Vacation

Traveling or going on vacation with your partner is a nice idea when you truly want to lighten up things in your marriage.

Although this may cost you a reasonable amount of money sometimes, I bet saving your marriage from boredom is worth the cash.

10 Things Which Can Guarantee Your Marriage Life Is Free From Boredom Today

Consider picking dream locations that your partner may have talked about with you. Visit the best choice while trying to figure out a travel/vacation location.

The environment has a big role to play in love life. Having that little tweak in location will save your relationship from boredom.

A vacation even if it isn’t a constant practice will save your marriage doing you better.

  1. Bathing Together

Surprised to see this among the list?

Yes, it’s part of it.

When you feel you’re bored in your marriage, try to stop the rush bath each day.

Jump into the bathroom with your partner and take a bath together. Don’t forget to explore all features of their body as marriage has given you a right to them all.

It’s time to revive the undying kid’s play you have within you.

Play like a kid with your partner in the bathroom but never forget work time is always near.

The rush time and fun kicks boredom far away from your marriage.

  1. Sex

It’s no news that couples have sex in marriage right?


When married, sex is like a meal you consume often.

Having sex can be a lot more fun, decreasing any tendency of boredom in marriage when both partners prepare themselves appropriately for the mood.

Try as much sex position in which you are comfortable within your marriage. Explore and keep exploring as that’s the vital key to using sex to quench boredom in marriages.

  1. Shopping

As you keep complaining about how boring your marriage has become, have you taken time to ask yourself when last you took your partner out for shopping.

Come on.

It’s not the responsibility of just you or your partner alone. You can decide to take each out of shopping.

Taking your partner out for shopping will leave nothing but smile on their faces and a smiling face has successfully overcome boredom.

  1. Having a line between kids time and partner’s time

Most individuals get tired and bored of marriage simply because the time which should be meant for them is been shared with the kids.

As the common saying goes, “there’s time for everything”, so should you have time for your partner as well as your kid.

Lacking proper time management implies drowning your marriage in boredom.

When you fail to share a reasonable or quality amount of time with your partner because of your kids, you have invariably begun to lose your partner and marriage.

Strike a balance when it comes to time for kids and your partner and you can be sure to have a happy home and a marriage free from the chains of boredom.

  1. Complimenting each other

Whenever you compliment your partner, you sow seeds of a positive vibe in them, which lightens their mood.

What then happens when you do that more often?

You may have successfully increased the zeal in them to make you happy at all costs.

And when both partners in a marriage are happy, boredom becomes really confused, getting lost automatically.

Sometimes, we have the keys to a successful marriage but fail to use them.

It will take just a little effort from you to compliment your partner.

Why don’t you do that more often?

  1. Confession of love

The fact that you’re married doesn’t mean you wouldn’t confess your love to your spouse once in a while.

At some point, when you sense your partner may be getting fed up with the marriage or is getting really tired and bored, confess love genuinely to them.

Let them know how much you love them and how special you think they are and how lucky you feel to have them.

Whenever you confess your love right before your partner, it makes them grow tender and having a conclusion at heart to love you as much as you confessed.

Such thoughts will begin to have a positive effect on your marriage life and a form of fun that boredom can’t withstand.

10 Things Which Can Guarantee Your Marriage Life Is Free From Boredom Today


Killing boredom completely in your marriage means falling in love again and again with your partner.

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

What do you think of this post?

Was it helpful?

Do well to leave me a comment, complaint, advice, or suggestions.

You’re so special and I LOVE YOU.

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