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10 Ultimate Reasons Why Your Girl will Get Tired of Your Relationship|R-R


Would you be surprised if she wakes up one morning, telling you she’s tired of the relationship?

10 Ultimate Reasons Why Your Girl will Get Tired of Your Relationship

Be not surprised my dear, rather try to avoid such happenings in your relationship.

Yes, people do get tired of relationships as a result of different reasons. In this post, I will share with you the most basic reasons why your girl will get tired of you totally in a relationship you have invested much time into.

Read the signs on time.

“It’s quicker for a girl to get tired of a relationship than a guy. And when she does, it’s difficult turning back such a relationship as normal then when it was the guy involved who got tired”

-Imaeruaka Joseph

You need to have an open mind to digest this post properly, as it reveals nothing but reality.

Everyone gets tired of a relationship at some point or another due to the ways the drive has been.

10 Ultimate Reasons Why Your Girl will Get Tired of Your Relationship

So if you’re at such a level right now, relax, take a chilled drink, you would be fine if you can give maximum attention to this post.

She’s still thinking of leaving you, she hasn’t left yet.

She just became tired only, avoiding you.

You can still fix things and I trust you will.

So without any waste of time, let us dive into the reasons why your girl would get tired of the relationship.

10 Prime Reasons Why She Is Tired of Your Relationship

If you’re a guy dating a girl and feel she can’t get tired of you, then I know that can’t be true except you are keeping to the rules and have these reasons listed below as a guide.

  1. Uncertain Relationship Destination

No girl feels comfortable in a relationship when she’s unable to ascertain where such a relationship is leading or headed for.

She always wants to know if it would lead to something serious or not and the moment she can’t ascertain that, she begins to get tired of the relationship.

You may not necessarily offend her before such tiring thoughts creeps in to stay. So as a guy, you should often give her a hint as to where the relationship is headed.

  1. Ignoring Her

Girls are natural attention machines. They love attention so much that you can imagine. There’s never a single girl out there in the world, who loves being ignored.

No matter what situation is in question, ignoring her implies stepping on her toes.

She will feel taken for granted or disrespected whenever you ignore her and such action in no time will germinate into thoughts of feeling tired of the relationship.

Even if you’re mad at her, never ignore her if you value your relationship. This will difficult in times of anger but you need to try and keep trying to get better.

  1. Attention Gone

I believe every guy is busy struggling to make cash. Amidst your busy schedule, since you’re in a relationship, you must map out time to give your lady the attention she deserves and craves for.

10 Ultimate Reasons Why Your Girl will Get Tired of Your Relationship

No excuses can save your relationship when it comes to the attention which your love deserves.

This is the easiest thing to do but most guys fail at it.

Come on, you can send a simple text in the morning, call her at noon to check up on her, or even send a message on social media and post her often.

These little things show her you really value and care about her.

The moment you stop giving her time, she will automatically start feeling she’s dating herself and getting tired instantly.

  1. Care Goes On Vacation in a Relationship

When care goes on vacation (meaning when you stop to show care) in a relationship, girls get tired of such a relationship.

Although the attention you give her is more or less sensed as care, you still need to find time to gift her once in a while.

It makes her feel special and cared for. If all these treats are missing in a relationship, a natural girl grows tired of the relationship in no time.

  1. Forgetting Her Dates

Most guys have poor memories when it comes to keeping dates. While on the other hand, most girls have good memories of keeping dates.

She wants you to always remember her dates, most especially that of her birthday.

Romance, Lovers, Happy, Man, Woman, Love, For Two

It can really be messy when you don’t keep those dates.

Some girls may draw a conclusion that you don’t really care about them when you don’t remember her dates.

Be smart, set reminders on your phones, or look up her social media handle to keep up with her dates.

Losing the accuracy of her date can make her begin to get tired of the relationship.

  1. Understanding Her Need

The majority of guys out there in the world don’t pay close attention to the need of their girl.

You mustn’t be that kind of guy.

Giving your girl a listening ear always will help you understand her well, knowing what exactly she needs.

Once you’re meeting her needs, there’ll be no reason in the world making her get tired of you.

Learn to play your cards rightly.

7. She’s seeing Another Guy

Whenever your lady falls for another guy and such a guy happens to give her more reasons to feel he’s better than you, she would naturally start getting tired of the relationship.

10 Ultimate Reasons Why Your Girl will Get Tired of Your Relationship

As a guy, you shouldn’t give your lady the slightest chance to start seeing another guy if you truly value your relationship with her.

  1. Inability to Identify the Reasons Why She Loves You

Girls love for so many reasons. It’s necessary for a girl to have a strong reason why she’s in a relationship with a guy, as those reasons may help them hold on to the relationship during trying times.

When your girl has got no concrete reason why she loves you, it becomes like she’s just floating and uncertain with you.

Such a stance is quite dangerous in a relationship as it makes girls get tired of the relationship quicker than you can imagine.

Ask your girl more often what she really likes about you and improve on them.

Serve her the best of you and she won’t get tired of you at all.

  1. Unsettled Relationship Issue/Dispute

All relationship issue you find yourself in must be settled completely and wholeheartedly, to re-install peace in your relationship.

10 Ultimate Reasons Why Your Girl will Get Tired of Your Relationship

If there’re still unsettled relationship issues and it keeps accumulating, with the time you and your partner will get tired of the relationship.

These unsettled relationship issues will make your relationship look like it’s totally not working anymore.

  1. He’s seeing Some Other Girl

Girls feel so uncomfortable when they have reasons to believe their man is seeing some other girl.

It gets them really confuse and breaks their esteem, making them feel they don’t have what it takes to keep you.

In the long run, this will end up making them completely tired of the relationship.

Your girl is yours.

Once you have her, stick with her so you don’t give her the feeling you’re keeping some other girl elsewhere.


10 Ultimate Reasons Why Your Girl will Get Tired of Your Relationship

Some little things you ignore will get your girl tired of your relationship. Once you are in a relationship, you need to have a positive mindset, be committed, putting the required effort to make things work.

It may not be too easy but as you keep trying, you get better.

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

What do you think of this post?

Was it helpful?

Do well to leave me a comment, complaint, advice, or suggestions.

You’re so special and I LOVE YOU.

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