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7 Unique Guides To Spice Up Your Relationship Right Away If You Truly LOVE|R-R


7 Unique Guides To Spice Up Your Relationship Right Away If You Truly LOVE

Have you felt the need to spice things up a little in your relationship but don’t know how to go about it?

Yes, spicing up your relationship is very necessary at some point in time in your relationship, in other to avoid boredom creeping into your relationship and on a second thought avoid break up.

There’s a constant need to spice things up in your relationship no matter how long you have been in the relationship.

Whether you have been dating for a couple of months or years, this post holds some secret to spice up your relationship.

These secrets are just for you.

Take a seat and enjoy these wonderful ideas as I roll them out immediately to you.

  1. Outings/Hangout
7 Unique Guides To Spice Up Your Relationship Right Away If You Truly LOVE

If you really need to spice up your relationship life, you should consider taking your partner out more often.

Going out on a date, dinner, visiting the cinema and many more interesting places are really great ideas to lighten your relationship.

Outings help boost team spirit between you and your partner, helping you both learn how to work collectively to achieve a set of goals.

If you have not been making out time for outings and hangouts, you need to start considering that more often.

  1. Vacations

Everyone needs a vacation at some point in their life to control stress levels.

You have that one location that you long to visit and stay awhile.

Going on vacation to those locations with your partner is a classic way of spicing up your relationship.

Most times, such vacation offers you and your partner a totally different lifestyle, food, and forms of entertainment, which serves for fun.

Utilizing vacations in your relationship is an excellent and healthy way to stay lively in a relationship.

So don’t hold yourself back from exploring.

  1. Dancing
7 Unique Guides To Spice Up Your Relationship Right Away If You Truly LOVE

I can vividly remember the first time my partner and I danced together, as the beat of the song romanced my eardrum.

That moment was a memorable one, with a great level of connection between us.

Looking at each other, maintaining eye contact, and holding hands, we danced to the beat till I couldn’t let go of her, grabbing her waist from behind.

Don’t underestimate the connecting power behind dancing with your partner. It’s one of those great ways to spice up your relationship.

Dancing more often with your partner, leaves you both happier than ever before, thereby lighting up your relationship.

Dancing is that spice your relationship is lacking.

  1. Lovemaking
7 Unique Guides To Spice Up Your Relationship Right Away If You Truly LOVE

When you hear of lovemaking, what comes to your mind?

Is it just sex?

Lovemaking is beyond just sex alone.

It has more to do with connecting with your partner emotionally and sexually in a very rhythmic and romantic manner.

Don’t just dive into sex when you wish to make love.

Spend quality time with your partner understanding the rhythm of their sexuality arousal process.

Explore different body parts and try new things always whenever you and your partner are down to make love to each other.

Your relationship gets that boost it needs while making love properly.

I could remember a friend once told me, “ Hey Jo, I like an acrobatic girl on the bed. If my woman wants to spice up our relationship, she must learn more sex moves, something new, not missionary and doggy. That alone will make me happy”.

Understanding what your partner’s body needs and serving the right dosage can be a lot of fun.

  1. Singing
7 Unique Guides To Spice Up Your Relationship Right Away If You Truly LOVE

Yes, singing made the list as dancing.

Singing is one romantic way to spice up your relationship which people ignore.

There was a time I went visiting my partner. Giving me a warm tight hug like her body was going to melt into mine, resting fully on my chest, she began to singing a love song to me.

I was just so quiet, feeling her heartbeat while listening as she sang with her nice voice.

Tears nearly dropped down my eyes.

As soon as she was done, I confessed my love to her once again, giving her the best kiss I had got.

Singing to your partner is a practical way to spice up your relationship. It makes them feel special and lively.

If you’ve got a good voice and know how to sing, you need to start using that ability to better your relationship.

Playing cool music with powerful lyrics while you both share a quiet time can do you good as well.

  1. Playing Games
7 Unique Guides To Spice Up Your Relationship Right Away If You Truly LOVE

While in a relationship, you should know the games your partner enjoys playing.

Don’t just stop at knowing those games, but also learn how to play them.

Play their favorite games with them. Doing that helps them mark you in their subconscious mind as one who truly belongs and values their interest.

Spending time with you then becomes easier, since your partner knows you are available for a game or two.

Playing games with your partner is one way to enjoy your relationship.

  1. Cooking Competition
7 Unique Guides To Spice Up Your Relationship Right Away If You Truly LOVE

Are you scared of this particular one already?

Relax, cooking is no big deal at all.

Even if you don’t know how to cook, entering a cooking competition with your partner can be great fun.

I bet it will leave you laughing at the end.

Don’t joke with cooking competition if you want to spice up your relationship.


Spicing up your relationship is a thing you must consider often and give time to, ignoring it will lead to a boring relationship or breakup.

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

What do you think of this post?

Was it helpful?

Do well to leave me a comment, complaint, advice, or suggestions.

You’re so special and I LOVE YOU.

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