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9 Quick Things She Wants To Know Before You Get Her “Yes”|R-R


9 Quick Things She Wants To Know Before You Get Her “Yes”

Are you scared of asking a girl out or you’re just so confused without knowing what a girl wants to find out before you get her “yes”?

You’re not alone on this table as many guys are too.

Sometimes, you really want to know what she will consider in you, to have a date or relationship.

Well, this post will put your search to an end as it will reveal what most girls consider before giving a guy a yes.

Can you guess what they are?

What do you think are those things?

Definitely, is your mind maybe picking on one or more things right?

Relax and take a drink as I talk you through those things the female folks consider before giving you a “yes”.

Let’s reveal their secrets, as it’s a pleasure. Thank me later.

What Girls Want To Know Before Giving You A “Yes”

  1. Does he want to get intimate too quickly?
9 Quick Things She Wants To Know Before You Get Her “Yes”

Yes, this is one factor she considers before saying yes to you.

She wants to be sure how long you will seem to take before getting down on her, to know if she feels comfortable about that or not.

Don’t be too pushy while struggling to get her “yes”.

  1. Will It Be Awkward Afterword?

She never wants to get herself into a mess, so she tries hard to figure out if saying “yes” to you will be awkward later on.

And if it isn’t going to be, she’s more likely to give you a “yes”.

  1. Is He Trust Worthy?
9 Quick Things She Wants To Know Before You Get Her “Yes”

Girls understand the fact that trust is one of the pillars of a good relationship or friendship.

Of course, she doesn’t want to say “yes” to someone who isn’t worthy of her trust or one who will keep lying to her.

Trust brings about a level of security around you like a guy.

If she doesn’t trust you, then she isn’t likely to say “yes”, except the relationship isn’t genuine.

  1. Do I Feel Confident and Comfortable?
9 Quick Things She Wants To Know Before You Get Her “Yes”

Her confidence and comfort is a big factor when she’s trying to figure out whether to give you a shot or not.

No girl wants to be in a relationship with you when she doesn’t feel confident and comfortable around you.

It’s your duty to create such an environment if you need her “yes”.

It may not be easy and will take some time but I trust you can master the act.

  1. Compatibility

Compatibility is very necessary.

She asks herself, “Do we click?”

She wants to be convinced that there’s something connecting you both. She wants to feel you’re a match for her.

If she doesn’t sense the “click”, that is, the tendency of being compatible with you, then chances are she isn’t likely to say “yes”.

  1. Can He Make Me Laugh?
9 Quick Things She Wants To Know Before You Get Her “Yes”

Your ability to hold a strong, interesting, and funny conversation is key in getting her “yes”.

From the first time you speak to her, you ought to be funny in away.

Girls love to laugh while relating with a guy they intend to give their “yes”.

Make her laugh often and your proposal may never be rejected.

Girls love fun and funny people; they often want them around, so it’s easier for her to say yes to you when you’re the funny one than when you are not.

 Note that what may seem funny to lady A may never seem that way to lady B.

  1. Will He Stick Around Afterward?

Some girls have said “yes” to a guy and afterward were totally abandoned. Like they were used to play games.

Probably he just got tired and wasn’t feeling her anymore.

So with such an experience, she will love to ascertain the possibility of you sticking around after giving you her ‘yes”.

If she doesn’t see any possibility, she’s likely to bounce you out (that says no).

  1. Is He A Gentle Man
9 Quick Things She Wants To Know Before You Get Her “Yes”

Girls’ definition of a gentleman is one who can take care of them, spoiling them with all kinds of love they desire.

Once you don’t match the puzzle or give such impressing, then you aren’t in her game, and giving you a “yes” will be quite difficult.

  1. Will He Like My Body
9 Quick Things She Wants To Know Before You Get Her “Yes”

Most girls feel insecure about their bodies.

If you’re that guy who compliments her a lot, appreciating all her features, telling her how beautiful she looks and well-shaped, she will be quick to conclude you will like her body.

Since you have really talked positively about it.

On the other hand, if you don’t appreciate her natural endowments, she becomes worried while considering giving a “yes” or not.

No girl wants to be with a guy who doesn’t appreciate her body.

She feels if you don’t, then you would embarrass her someday.

It’s up to you to play your card right if you need her “yes”.


Getting a lady to date you is easy than you think. It’s time you start taking the right steps to win her.

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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You’re so special and I LOVE YOU.

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