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Cersei Lannister of Game of Thrones. If there is one thing this cold, calculating lady has taught us is that we are captivated by the female sociopath. Whether you consider it sexist or not, the female needs to be considered when talking about ‘sociopath’. Women have been known to ‘bat their eyelids’ and show their cleavage or ‘show a bit of leg’, to good effect. Whatever you choose to call it, its appeal is undeniable and has trapped a lot of men including myself in a web too difficult to get out. This article will focus on what dating one feels like.

It’s not much fun dating a sociopath and this is out of personal experience. They are manipulative, intelligent, and will use every single one of your weaknesses against you. So, if you feel like there’s something a little off about your girlfriend, then you are probably right. 

Here are the behaviours of a female sociopath.


You see, sociopaths are known for their lack of remorse for having wronged others, as well as recklessness and disregard for the safety of others and inability to create meaningful relationships. In short, your sociopathic lady friend does not care about you or how you feel. This is how she thinks, ‘What do you have to offer that she might need? How will you make her life better? What would she want to use you for?’ 

Sociopath women lie so easily and without conscience, that when the relationship with their partner falls apart {after they methodically and systematically destroy it} they can make their partner out to be a worthless, horrible human, (when in all reality, she probably sucked the life out of him) perfect example is Kim Kardashian. ‘It’s like she has a few key “tools” missing from the emotional toolbox. I believe this tool to be true intimacy.


All sociopaths have a high sex drive – so she will use sex as a tool to lure you in. Female sociopaths have poor impulse control and constantly need to be stimulated. Men are grateful to have a woman that constantly demands sex. And his male counterpart feels that he has a ‘trophy wife’ on his arm. But this behaviour will lead her to cheat on you with more regular partners.

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She is most likely opportunistic and taking advantage of her power of seduction. Also, she will become highly confrontational and deny cheating even when faced with absolute evidence of her infidelities. She will often hint or almost expose her infidelities to you and it gives her great delight to deceive you.  Some other behaviours that cannot be ignored are, seducing clergy, going after married men or even girls.

On a lighter scale, she might not be engaged in any of the above mentioned, but she talks about it and some other deprave topics that you might find out of place, like “what do you think about having a threesome, gang bang, or anal sex”. All manners of sexual depravity can very likely be commonplace. No matter how great you think you are in bed there is always a hollow feeling. Almost like you’re making love to a sex doll and she is never satisfied. It’s a harrowing experience. 


She tends to be a risk-taker, which makes her fun to be around. She can take spontaneous trips to Abuja, Lagos or Delta State {just to see a movie} and stuff like that. She is so charismatic, and get on with everyone, so popular, everyone else wants her. {men love to have something which is seen as ‘special’, something that other people want}.

But obviously, not all risk-takers or fun lovers are sociopaths. Maybe just the ones who seem like they are using poor judgment a little too often. It’s easy to get drawn into the excitement and buzz she can generate.  But then again, she might also try and talk you into being an internet fraud star just so she could go for more lavish trips, that is not cool. 


 The sociopath female will play victim at how her feelings are hurt, and just how awful you are to do what you have done. And then tell you that you remind her of her ex and how bad he treated her.  Sociopaths always pick a fight. This could be over anything. Usually, it is over nothing. There is absolutely no sense to the fight either. Often you will be accused of something that you have not done.

The truth is that the sociopath has a duality of personality. Whilst smiling to your face and faking love – behind your back they were already moving on. It was a deliberately calculated event engineered by the sociopath to get them out of the relationship and to move onto whatever else they had planned behind your back.


If your girlfriend often does certain things that are deemed socially unacceptable and therefore screws up royally, but keeps doing the same thing over and over, she might be a sociopath. Same thing if she hurts your feelings but does it again, even after you tell her not to. Like if she keeps aggressively pointing out a flaw in your body, even after you tell her you’re sensitive about it and don’t appreciate her jokes. That’s kind of what she lives for, being mean to other people. 


A female friend told me about a girl she knew who was under a lot of pressure on campus to get a boyfriend; all the girls around her had one. She was one of those girls that cherish their virginity. Knowing she has to give it up, she thought of a way to keep a boy and her virginity at the same time. So she gave in to the one guy that was impotent in school, which of course wasn’t known to everyone. You might call this behaviour clever but this is a disorder fueled by “feminists” and the way they teach women to “have it all” 


Even if you manage to catch her lying, she has a way of “massaging” things so they come out looking OK. She has an excuse for everything. Unreliability is her middle name. But very swiftly she starts letting you down. You pull her up on her unreliability, and she swears she will change. Don’t hold your breath. Sociopaths literally charm the pants off you. Her focus is very good, and if she wants you, she is totally focused on you. This is initially incredibly flattering. Wait until she is bored with you, her attitude will change very quickly.

The self-esteem of the female sociopath is poorly regulated because she acts to protect and sustain an inflated, but an ultimately fragile and unstable sense of self. Emotion regulation is compromised by difficulties in experiencing, processing and moderating certain feelings, most especially anger, shame and envy. What motivate her is the achievement of power and control over you and the expectation of some sort of gain, which is used to provoke the admiration and envy of others, and in turn glorify herself.   

Well, does any of this sound like your girlfriend? If so, I highly recommend breaking up with her before it’s too late. Good luck, my friend.

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3 years ago

Nice piece of work

2 years ago

I love this

Nancy Chidimma
2 years ago

This is amazing
But do you think this kind of people will ever improve in some areas

Stephen Awomodu
Stephen Awomodu
1 year ago

Thanks for the information given




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