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Today, Relationship Rig presents to you a relationship discussion of Cynthia and Collins, as we believe you have an idea that can solve their relationship issue. That’s why we implore you to air your view.

The Relationship Story of Cynthia and Collins

Collins after rounding up with high school tried gaining admission into a Nigerian university.

Not lucky enough, he was hit by this lorry full of load called JAMB.

As desperate as he was to get into a higher institution immediately after high school, without wanting to spend some years doing nothing at home, he tried gaining admission into a mono-technic, which was practically inclined.

There he successfully secured admission to study mechanical engineering.

As a norm, in his school, all departments received lectures in a common hall throughout the first year, after which students must pathways for their various departments. That’s, in their second year of study.

Of course, this mono-technic wasn’t a single school, as there were beautiful girls and handsome boys around but the strength of boys greatly outnumbered that of girls since the school was engineering inclined.

Cynthia and Collins found love

After the first month of study, Collins found a girl he thinks he loves but wasn’t bold enough to do the talking, not minding the ever glowing green light Cynthia had left on for him.

Well, Cynthia could take it no more, as she was already overwhelmed with love from a distance.

She needed to feel what such love was like from within. So she took a bold step.

Cynthia approached Collins and after they had a conversation just after the days lecture ended, she told Collins how much she loved him.

Collins seized the golden opportunity presented to him by confessing his love too and that was how their relationship started.

The Love Boat of Cynthia and Collins Sailed

Few months went by; these love birds enjoyed themselves, spending quality time with each other.

Soon, Cynthia started to pass the night at Collins’s room and sometimes made move for her man to at least touch her rightly and make her feel like a woman.

On the other hand, Collins being a novice struggled with first-time love and generally good didn’t buy the idea of sex yet.

Things started becoming a little frustrating to Cynthia.

She couldn’t bear the fact that a boy she has come to love so much isn’t willing to catch some fun with her.

The more Cynthia tries convincing herself to accept the fact that Collins didn’t love her truly, as he has refused to make love to her, the more she sees him doing extra-ordinary things to make her happy.

Collins was constantly buying things for Cynthia and always ready to sort her needs.

The Problem facing Cynthia and Collins Relationship

On one faithful Friday, during lectures, Cynthia, seated very close to Collins told him about her plans to travel home for the weekend, basically, so she could get some foodstuffs from her mom.

Collins nodded and smiled.

With a calm voice, he told her how he was going to miss her.

When it was just time to hit the road, bae decided to check on boo, to notify him as she was about leaving but she couldn’t leave immediately as her love held her for some minutes with his mouth.

As the gist continued, Collins reached out to Cynthia’s phone.

On her Whatsapp chat list, he came across a strange name, and then he decided to read the chat.

From the chat, the strange guy to Collins was Paul and had talked at length with Cynthia about how he missed sex with her, begging for more.

Like that wasn’t enough, Cynthia too on the chat had told him how she would be coming over to see Paul for the weekend, so they could have a series of sex together.

At that point, Collins couldn’t comprehend the chat, so he showed it to Cynthia.

On seeing the chat, Cynthia began to apologize, pleading with Collins but all went on deaf ears as he walked out on her.

Leaving her alone in his room, Cynthia had no choice but to hit the road.

Cynthia kept on calling and pleading but Collins remained confused, as he was struggling to understand the mess involved with love.

Cynthia and Collins need your help if their relationship must be saved.

Share Your Thoughts On Cynthia and Collin’s Relationship

Having read and understood the problem in Cynthia and Collin’s relationship, what advice can you give to act as a solution to their problem?

Cynthia and Collins are live online to read available comments.

Tell us your mind by using the comment box NOW. Your contribution matters a lot.

And if you have any relationship issue you wish to hear the view of others on, do well to email us your story.

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