June 6, 2023 11:07 pm

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How To Prevent Your Man From Cheating.

In my previous article, we talked about “Why do Men Cheat?”, this time around let’s see “the ways in which you can keep your man from cheating on you”.

Most men cheat not because they don’t love you anymore, but they cheat because they want to have a taste of more variety in their sex lives. Some also complain of been bored (sex life’s style). Some want a partner who places them at the center of their life, and they no longer feel the priority on yours.

Most times it’s because you are speaking a different language of love, and most men see cheating as a biological directive to procreate with as many women as possible for the survival of species. But I see these reasons as crazy and unethical.

Here are some ways to keep and prevent your man from Cheating.

Be willing to initiate sex

Sex brings people closer together, it creates a bond; emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. On a purely biological level, sex causes the release of oxytocin, which gives them that warm, fuzzy, post-sex high.

Look Sexy and Neat

It is said that most men are moved by what they see, so the way you appear to them determines how attracted they will be towards you. By appearing unkempt or not sexy may push them to people who are sexy and attractive just the way they want. So as a woman who is trying to keep her man your outward look matters a lot.

Be open to experiment

Allow yourself to experience new things with the man you love. Allow him to try new things and with you, but not a sexual activity you find repulsive, lease yourself to him because if you don’t there will be someone else who will.

Don’t become too controlling

Most at times women attempt to control their man to do what works best for them.

They engage in destructive relationship habits such as; complaining, nagging, threatening, criticizing, punishing and bribing or rewarding to control.

Learn his love language

Most men have different love languages, learn your man’s love language and speak it to him regularly. He will always love and remain true to you.

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Let him have time to himself

Most men feel boxed-in by the obligation in the relationship. Allow your man to have time for himself without you. Don’t try to gain control of all your guy’s time, allow him to spend time with friends, pursue hobbies, etc. So he does not feel he has no freedom.

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2 years ago

Initiate sex? I totally disagree with this.. A man would have good sex and still cheat. Some may say “we want to taste different waters”

2 years ago

I beg to differ

2 years ago

Don’t tire wrapper

2 years ago

How will one learn his love language

Mitch Thomas
Mitch Thomas
2 years ago

Don’t undermine the fact that men by nature are polygamists.

Aleke John
Aleke John
2 years ago

Always be sexy and romantic.




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