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Kills the Conversations

Imagine yourself being married to a man who doesn’t respect you, who doesn’t merit nice things in life. And he sees you only as his better half, and nothing more! sure, your life is likely to be a burning hell.

Take a while before you fall in love, decide 1st if the guy you’re you like is deserve your time, love and life. since you’ve dated the guy, you know him well! Do consider these fifteen habits, if he has most of them, then keep your distance from him.

1. Narrow – mindness

A guy who doesn’t trust you fully can continuously place restrictions on you irrespective of however loyal you or how much you like him. These conditions can continuously be there. He can stop you from doing normal things in life, in concern of one thing unhealthy can happen. It will prove to be a nightmare!

Any guy with such negativity has full potential to ruin your life. it’s better off to dump such a man instead of regretting marrying him.

2. Hates Animals


Any man who hates animals is an animal himself. He lacks empathy! Being allergic is a totally different issue however hating animals is out of the question.

If you’ve got to decide on between a man, who hates animals or your pet. then select your pet. Men who hate animal simply because they’re animals don’t deserve your time.

3.The Relationship Rules Mean Nothing To Him

Every relationship has some ground rules, and if the guy keeps on breaking them, it means that he has no respect for you or the relationship. If that guy burst the line once more and once more, then it indicates he’s not worth your time and love.

4.Breaks promises

If he keeps on breaking promises usually, this implies he’s making a fool out of you. He doesn’t care regarding what you think that or say. If a commitment is broken once in a blue moon, then it will be forgiven. however if he’s twiddling with you then he’s not worth it!

5.Gives You Secondary Treatment

The relationship is all about giving and receiving. If you’re the one all of your efforts into the relationship, whereas he’s doing nothing your life can get miserable. there’s no purpose in creating such affair, sooner or later you may regret your decision of marrying him.

6.Doesn’t Have Moments of Epiphany

If he consistently thinks that decision he took, each move he made, everything he said will never fail. He is Mr. excellent in his view. before long he can force you to change further. a man who thinks he’s completely right can never notice his mistakes.

You should see if this guy doesn’t correct his mistakes for the sake of goodness then he’s not worthwhile. His overconfident behavior will be harmful to you and your children also.

7.Excessive Excuses

Excuses is the most effective method of saying “I have one thing more vital to do and you do not matter to me” – end of story.

If he makes excuses typically and also the cover stories don’t add up, then it’s evident that he’s not that into you! you should stop wasting time on him.

8.Keeps The Fights Alive

Fights in relationships are sensible and typically healthy, however if they’re never ending than there’ll be no commitment. Life and relations are filled with compromises if he’s not paying attention to your point of view and imposes his choices. He shows that he’s listening but he doesn’t get what you’re saying, he’s for sure not worth your time.

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9.Kills the Conversations

He is a good talker and is amazing. however after you need to say one thing he cuts you in between and starts his story. it’s in a different way of saying ‘I don’t care about your feeling or what you’ve got to mention.’

He kills each conversation; this shows however insignificant you’re for him. you can’t be unheeded like that each one your life.


Some lies are told for good and are justifiable, however lies that have an effect on your relationship has to be confronted. The link is formed with trust and believing one another.

If he breaks the code of understanding within the relationship, he can damage the relationship like insect damages wood over time.


No matter how much you love him or he loves you. You each want some personal space so you could operate properly and do daily chores. once men rely on you more than needed, it implies that they have trust issues. Adults being clingy isn’t normal.

12.Hates Family

Our parents will get on our nerves generally, however it doesn’t mean to chop your parents off from your life. The family is where we were born and raised, and that we cannot forget our family. bear in mind a person who has forgotten his parents will quickly forget you in a very day or 2. If he hates his parents, then he won’t be ready to behave around your family. He won’t be a family man.


He cannot quit smoking, irrespective of how many times he promised you. however if the guy you’re getting to marry isn’t giving an ear to your request, then it suggests that, you do not hold any specific place in his life.

14.Immature in His Affairs

If he’s immature, he cut folks off after a little argue. He deals with folks around him hurriedly and keeps cutting off folks. he’s not the right person for you because he will simply cut you off if he feels possible. Impatience isn’t a good attribute in men.


Love know nothing regarding violence, irrespective of if it’s physical or emotional. Run far-flung from a man who is abusive and violent! bear in mind that getting in a relationship with a person who cannot manage his anger, is going to be a big mistake of your life.

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Stephen Awomodu
Stephen Awomodu
1 year ago

i actually have some of those habits




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