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TrenApps – How Each App Function

TrenApps are carefully designed concepts that mine value from users, into liquid assets. They are grouped by category.

General Category

Apps in the general category are regular and can be done by anybody.

In Trentimes’s Discuz, you will find all posts, threads, and conversations open for comments. You can read and leave comments on the posts that appeal to you. You can make as many comments as you want in a day, but the system only pays you for five(5) comments.

Trentimes Link Share Club, or TLSC for short, is where you turn traffic into cash. By simply sharing links, each grouped into sections and categories and customized for you, you earn with each link click you get. You can promote links on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Nairaland, and other supported media. Just be creative! Is there a limit to how much you can rake in on TLSC? No.

Sabi, the 3rd TrenApp in the General Category, gives you an opportunity to share knowledge and earn from it. Here you find questions that demand answers, conversations that demand mostly knowledgeable contributions, and the option to start a thread as well. You can earn anywhere between 100 TTC and 2000 TTC, or even more from your answers or replies.

A smart model of affiliate marketing. You get trencoins for every person that sees a product or offer through your link, and a commission when the person buys through your affiliate link! In the Trentimes Smart Model, you are assisted with follow up. That is, Trentimes may follow up on your referrals until they buy. But here is a simple condition: When a customer buys with our follow-up, you get only half of your commission, so long as the person came in with your link. But if you were the one that closed the sale, you get a full commission.

Farming & Investment

Sending your trencoins on an errand

1folio is simply a TrenApp for locking funds for a specified period of time and yielding interest on them. It requires a minimum of 2000 Trencoins.

Content Creation


Ideal for Content Creators and Aspirants, Marketers and Entrepreneurs.

A dedicated posting center. Supports posting of Articles, Threads, Videos, Audios, Photo Collections, to any appropriate forum. Post Pad can be used by anyone but essential for all Content Creators and those with similar roles. You earn 1 TTC on each visit to your post. That’s a lot of rewards when your posts go viral or get taken up by people using TLSC!

We delight in convenience for all Trennians, and so we have the IdeaPad module. This is where topics are demanded or shared with the rest of the community. When you pick up, you’re required to erase it so others don’t pick it.

With Series, you can create lists, stories, collections, meme collections and more.




…activities to grow your tokens



Leave Comments on Posts


Trentimes Link Share Club. Share links in bulk


Complete 3 tasks on WhatsApp and get paid


Share news and earn in cycles

Farming & Interest

cropped 1folio.net


Farm Trencoins and grow them



Create and publish content

Add Sequence

For creating courses and tutorials

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