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When peace is coated or iced with joy and happiness…

It’s the best feeling in the world and can be gotten when we show some act of kindness from the depth of our heart, no matter how little.

Can you be kind to launch my new eBooks Now. You stand a chance to get two additional eBooks for FREE.

This offer ends by 11:59pm on 03/08/2020. ~ Imaeruaka Nzubechukwu Joseph

About Me

joseph imaeruaka

I’m Imaeruaka Nzubechukwu Joseph, from Amesi in Aguata LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria. I bagged a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Nevertheless, I never gave up my passion for writing.

I’ve been writing since 2009, improving daily till date.

Overtime, I’ve been privileged to handle some contracts surrounding content creation, ranging from short stories, sales copy, testimonials, business plans, articles, poems and research works.

We thank God for the feat achieved so far.

I welcome you all to join me launch my eBooks.

I believe your love for knowledge and kindness towards me, will cause a drive in you to get these eBooks.

What you're getting..

Since today happens to be my book launch, permit me to take few seconds of your time telling you a little about these books.

1. Did I have Sex?

As a teen, I was faced with very difficult situations, especially those surrounding the issue of sex. Life as a youth wasn’t too easy and making decisions rightly was all by grace.

This book “Did I Have Sex” is a memoir, giving in details some challenges about sex I had, while growing up. Also, it gives its reader the choice to conclude for themselves, if I had sex or not.

2. The Compile

After year 2017, I spent quality time writing lots of articles covering personal development. As this articles became so much, it led to the birth of a book.

“The Compile” as the name goes, houses all articles which I have written, exposing all knowledge learnt over time.

It’s good we share knowledge, that’s why I have written this book for everyone to get a copy.

3. Poem Stream

Occasionally, I break writers block by getting myself to write poems. Sometimes, I write them for fun. These poems can be a source of “words search”, for those in the entertainment industry.

And whenever you wish to celebrate a friend, you can get in this book, nice poems containing a perfect flow of words, just to meet your spec.

“Poem Stream” is a collection of all poems I’ve written.


God being so faithful, we get better daily.

Thanks for your support.

I love you and can’t be a little ahead without your support.

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