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Fola Daniel Adelesi: Times have changed! You need to reinvent and equip yourself

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So if you have a business model that requires meeting people in person all the time, you need to rework the model.

A few years ago, we were told about the possibility of global destruction, but we never expected it in such a way that “destruction” appeared. In 2020, the situation has changed rapidly. The COVID-19 pandemic has swept across all countries, and all countries/regions are under lockdown. More importantly, billions of people around the world have lost opportunities, while others have gained more.

Companies that paid so much started to cut their salaries drastically, while companies that made a lot of money started to lose so much that they couldn’t maintain their business. People have to stay at home for months without being able to do business, which is not unimaginable by anyone. During this period, armed robberies increased, and many people began to live in fear. In some areas of Lagos, this is the fear of a million boys.

This stage seems to be over, but many people have not recovered from its effects. Although still working hard to solve this problem, many other countries have entered the second or third lockdown. In Nigeria, if citizens refuse to take social responsibility and practice social distancing, we may fall into a second blockade. This does not care about the fact that the seemingly indifferent attitude of citizens stems from distrust of anything related to or promoted by the government.

We need to deal with a truth: this chaos will be left to many organizations here, but nothing will be changed with our current way of working. Silicon Valley’s tech giants require their employees to work from home throughout 2021, but still achieve results. Therefore, if you have a business model that needs to meet people all the time, then you need to redesign the model.

Generally, most of us should now reinvent and equip ourselves. The reason we need to reinvent is that many people no longer need skills, because many organizations now work from home. Many services also have services that become redundant due to remote work. Although some people hope that the lockdown will be completely lifted after the pandemic is over, there is another challenge: as you wait for the pandemic to end and business as usual, business owners, companies and government agencies around the world are starting to see what they can now provide Several services. They are satisfied with the several products they want to buy because they are in the office and if they continue to work remotely, they will no longer need these products. This means that the pandemic may end, but certain businesses and services will not rebound.

What we have to do now is to see what is feasible when working remotely. If you are building a business now, you need to build a model that makes people relevant to the business when they work remotely. If you want to create a service, you must look for services that can be provided, and don’t be constrained during a possible lockdown or pandemic. Via video call. Now is the time to take advantage of digital marketing and automated sales channels. For almost everyone, this is also the time to build or perfect your public speaking skills. If you plan to attend so many webinars, you need to sound interesting and convincing. If not, people can join your webinar while conducting private business at home, turn off the video and mute the microphone. Those you serve. If you seem to be downgraded, you need to quickly find a way to find relevant content again.

Time has not changed-they have changed. This alone should change. Build business around online services and enterprises, because working from home has become a job for many people. If you are asked to leave your previous office because you no longer need your services, acquire new skills.

Look around. See your heart. Ask yourself a simple question: What else can I do? For those who are not yet unemployed or unemployed, you also need to ask yourself whether you will remain relevant if things continue in this way. If you are not sure whether you will maintain a relationship with yourself, now is the time to reinvent yourself and equip you with new skills.

I hope you all go well in your reinvention journey.


Zen Chung from Pexels

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