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Andora Drama

7:15 pm

One fateful day, my very good friend, Chike, returned back to the village with a brand new car, tons of cash and other luxuries. He was widely celebrated in the village. Continue Reading

Schwiz Josh

1:27 pm

Lightning is electrical in nature & Sometime ago i theorized that electricity is intelligent fire. Looking at it today it's still a nice theory. What causes Lightning? Lightning is a discharge caused by electrical imbalances between storm clouds and the ground, or within the clouds themselves. Non science students can only get this gist from Google cos no subject taught… Continue Reading

8:07 pm

Cryptocurrency & YOU This new age of digitalization brings with it greater opportunities, especially in the financial space. Its no new thing to how the world is fast evolving every Nano seconds. In this financial space Cryptocurrency is taking over at an alarming rate. Now the question is are you adapting to this rapid change? While the Internet age brings… Continue Reading

1:18 am

One thousand Naira in Nigeria, what can it buy for you? Nigeria land of the free and home of the brave! None is to be blamed for the country’s lack of standards in any sphere of life. We are in this because we choose to live free and become the people we are. And for that reason, I would like… Continue Reading

It's really hard to be perfect even when we try our best. We are born to make mistakes, grow by our failures, live with ups and down. What's important is to learn from what life brings, and keep on breathing until we find our true happiness. Continue Reading

Beware of a naked man who offers you a cloth Continue Reading

Sometimes you have to act like a fool to fool the fools who think they are fooling you Be wise..... Continue Reading

9:26 pm

How to look slimmer in jeans - Almost every girl's dream is to look stunning, tall and slender. Not all girls magically hit their goal weight, but I assure you that using this sneaky wardrobe tricks will help create an illusion that does what you are looking for. Without further delay, let's get it, I wish I had these tricks… Continue Reading

1:42 am

happy new year to you all Continue Reading

7:52 pm

My daddy slap me because am look for my book in is pus😈😈😈😈😈 what have I done wrong???????? Continue Reading

1:57 pm

In Anambra State of the 1970s and 1980s, there was a very popular bread brand named Our Lady's. It was the most premium and most expensive. It was the number one bread brand for those coming home or leaving home through Onitsha. Then a rumour started that the bread was popular because the owner caused luxury bus accidents, sucked people's… Continue Reading

9:07 am

Many at times alot of people look at the mindset in so many ways and from different angles but still so to say some may have been right in their evaluation on actually getting the through insights of the power of the mindset. In this short but important article today we will be looking at the power in the mindset… Continue Reading

PiggyVest, powered by the United Bank of Africa, helps imbibe the saving culture. With PiggyVest you can earn up to 10% - 15.5% interests on savings and earn over 25% return on investments for a period of time. Just by staying in your PiggyVest account your money gets increased? Wow! Instead of letting your money sit in your local bank… Continue Reading

"Don't Wait Till You Reach 40 Years"-Start These 4 Health Habits, To Ensure Good Health And Wellness From the day we were born to our current ages respectively, we are prone to diseases, we are all open to developing health issues, if we fail to abide by the commandments that guides healthy living. You may already be asking yourself what… Continue Reading

Today I was coming back from church, and in the bus there sat a very pretty girl. Continue Reading

6 MEDICAL TESTS COUPLES MUST DO BEFORE GETTING MARRIED Don't Enter Marriage Without Adequate Knowledge Of Your Partner’s Health Status. Don’t Be Blinded By Love. This is an issue that needs to be continually addressed. I have heard people say that all that matters is love, love conquers all, as long as they are happy nothing else matters. These are… Continue Reading

Bitter Kola is known to be a very good medicinal herb that is used to cure disease. Many people do not value it because it is seen everywhere and it is sold at cheap rate in the market. *LETS CONSIDER SOME HEALTH BENEFITS OF CHEWING BITTER KOLA* 1.      It is an immune booster, it boost the immune which will helps… Continue Reading

5 best times to drink water 💧 You already know that water is very important to health, wellness and wellbeing. But did you know that drinking water at certain specific times of the day could be beneficial to you in ways you probably never even thought or imagined? Well, we are here to tell you that guzzling water at these five… Continue Reading

If You Want To Live a Long Life, Immediately You Finish Eating, Avoid Doing These Five Things Habitsare things we do all the time without consciously thinking about them. But we should always endeavor to check some of our habits, especially when such habits could have an impact on our health as well as our general well-being. Today, we are… Continue Reading

8:09 pm

MY SHIELD Written by Nuella Ifem Continue Reading

BEFORE MARRIAGE.. Man : I have been waiting for this day Lady : Do you want me to leave? Man : No Lady : Do you love me? Man : Of course Lady : Will you ever cheat on me? Man : Never in my life Lady : Will you ever hug me? Man : Every chance I get Lady… Continue Reading


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