April 22, 2024 1:27 am

Biafra – Only This Can Liberate You


Be positive, she told me. We just have to be positive. Nigeria will be better one day. Let us hope. Let us just be positive, she concluded. I looked at her and pitied her. Her situation can best be described as sincere ignorance.
Listen, you are not being positive by decorating yourself with an empty hope of a Nigeria that will be better.
Let me say it again that Nigeria will never get better. And not that it will stop at getting worse; it will move towards wiping us all out unless we rise up in righteous anger and put a stop to her.
Every four years, politicians rise up to promise heaven and earth to the people. Men are recruited to help fool the people. Men that know they are lying, but will keep lying just for cash.
Yes, I agree. Making Nigeria to work is never a rocket science. Change this useless constitution, bring in regional government and it will work some how. Even the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu once gave them that chance to do the right thing, and they failed. That is because Nigeria is not meant to be. It is a British company that is not meant to work so that the British government can continue sustaining themselves with resources in Biafra land. In extension Britain are somehow in business with the Fulani in making sure Nigeria remains in disarray.
No African country is truly free. African countries have been under manipulation. There are Europeans and Americans whose job is to make sure Africa don’t work. For Africa to work, Britain, France and other European colonialists will loose lots of things.
How do they manipulate Africa?
It started with the scramble and partitioning of Africa. They brought different people with different cultures, backgrounds and ideologies together and called them one country. They committed blunders they never allowed in their place in Africa. Nigeria is a case study. They know there will be a continuous friction among these people, but since it is the only way to manipulate the geographical area they called Nigeria into working for their interest, they cared less.
The funny thing is that the same British government manipulating things in Nigeria will still see a Nigerian coming into Britain and search him or her like a common criminal. They need Nigeria to be poor, undeveloped, corrupt and useless, yet they shout that Nigeria is fantastically corrupt.
When you try to explore this area, some people will quickly accuse you of blaming the West for your woes, but same people some how do blame the Fulani for what is happening in Nigeria. Britain has an agenda, but for this agenda to work they needed some brutal tribe that will keep destabilising things in the name of trying to conquer indigenous people. The tribe will think they are trying to conquer others, but at long run they are helping the British agenda.
The Fulani seems to be smart, but believe me Britain is behind the scene guiding them. As far as the Fulani is in charge, British agenda is assured. The Fulani herdsmen are brutal, harsh and destructive yet they are the darling of the British government. This agenda stands tall above every thing including religion (Christianity/Islam) or your lives. Britain can watch or even instigate you to kill yourselves just to make sure they are still in control of the oil in Biafra. The Nigeria Biafra war is a British war against Biafra. Biafra wanted to end the British agenda in 1967-70. Britain could not have allowed that. It is only Africans that dwell in useless sentiments, not the West. Interest is interest for them. It is against the interest of Britain for Biafra to exist. British government have studied the Igbo for hundreds of years and found out that the Igbo is so smart that they can’t be controlled should they be alone as a country. So in 1967-70, if it entels wiping off the entire Igbo people, so be be it, provided they retain their stronghold on Biafra oil. Some people are still wondering why Britain brought Christianity to Igbo land, yet supported the Islamic North in murdering more than 3.5 million Biafrans. You have to stop wondering, for this is all about the interest I am talking about. Even your life mean nothing to them.
Like I said, Nigeria getting better is against British interest. While the Fulani conquer the much they can, the chaos they are causing will keep the British hands on Biafra resources. There has been moments and times the Fulani nearly ruined things, but the British agents will always come to the rescue. They will advise them, make them placate the South a little and after the delay, the fulani will continue in their quest to convert Nigeria into the estate of Uthman Dan Fodio.
There is always enough resources to make some Easterners and Westerners to work against their own people. Presently, almost all the Governors and senators from the East are working against their own people. It has become worse that you can’t be anything in Nigeria without you accepting to work against your own people.
Some people think Nigeria will one day be better because they are deeply ignorant of these facts. For more than 50 years they have manipulated their own people, telling them lies upon lies. But the lies have stopped penetrating the people, all thanks to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. With a simple internet Radio, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was able to expose and dismantle the British agenda. He has educated the people so much that they are no more afraid of the Fulani. The people are no more interested in listening to the lies of the politicians.
The Anambra election and things surrounding it is a sign that it won’t be long before the politicians are totally defeated. Some people said even if the people vote or not, the politicians will thumbprint the ballot papers themselves and declare a winner, and I ask them for how long will they continue doing that.
Brothers, the time is now. Every Igbo man must understand that there is no atom of hope in Nigeria. You must stop thinking that anything called politician can liberate you. While outside the seat of power they promise you heaven and earth, but the rotten system is always their to destroy them.
We must end Nigeria, for there lies our salvation.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher.

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