April 22, 2024 1:26 am

Essentials For Nysc Camping – PCM’s Note


Well well well….

Let’s make things a little easy as you prepare to hit Nysc camp
You can buy everything you need inside the camp… But we advice you buy them before getting to camp because Mami market in camp seem to be very expensive as compared to the prices of stuffs outside camp
Nysc will give you 2 pairs of white polo and short and a pair of white shoe.

If you can’t manage two pairs of polo and shorts through out 3weeks, buy more polos and short.

Cos managing 2 means washing each pair each day… Except you plan on wearing one pair for two days.

Secondly, the polo and short which Nysc provides aren’t of good quality… The poly may slack after the first wash.

So if you will feel shy wearing a slack polo in camp… Pls buy URS before getting to camp
Not minding you will be given a white shoe in camp, I suggest you buy a rubber white shoe… Because that which Nysc will give you is made of material (cotton)… It gets dirty quickly and when washed may not dry quickly.

And the white shoe is what you wear always for all functions… So a rubber shoe makes things more easy
Talking of your waist bag… Please it’s very necessary. It helps you keep your phone, id cards and cash save… As your shorts may not have pockets.
If you like food like me… Please don’t forget to buy your plate and spoon… If possible, for ajebo people, carry little provision ooo … So if sun hit u after matching, u can cool your head with milk.
For ladies… Buy your magic bucket (small paint rubber for pooing) very necessary so you don’t have any form of infection
To be on the safe side too… You need to buy padlocks to lock your bags ooo … You may not be luck and have a thief in your room
Don’t forget your bathing bucket (I suggest you buy inside camp, if you don’t like travelling with more loads… But it’s expensive in camp Sha)
Carry your sense go camp ooo

And please go with cash both in bank and at hand.

Sometimes pos fit disappoint you inside camp.
For those who get sick quickly due to mosquito bites… Please go with your mosquito net and wrapper to cover up… Although they fumigate Nysc camps… But just play on the safe side.
Them no dey do big boys for some kind things inside camp… Any kit Nysc gives u… Write your code number on it… Incase u misplace it… OBS can help trace it back to you.

People dey thief oooo …. Be careful

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Stephen Awomodu
2 years ago

Thanks for the information




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