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The voice of the people is an article on it own that helps to interview people both in foreign and local country and with the aim for the people to voice out their views on the topic and subject matter asked through the help of Trentimes the voice of the people will be posting articles on various topics on government,entertainment,career, business and so many others but for this special article we will be looking at the write-ups from the interview of people about government projects.

Question: what can you say about the government projects in your area like infrastructures, electricity ,roads and others

Answer: I live on the mainland in lago state and there are bad roads and also the good ones but the bad ones causes accident and looking at the electricity they are really not giving us light well and corruption is much amongst the PHCN officials as they loot the funds given to them so I suggest that the government monitors all the infrastructural projects in ojo lagos state .                                                                                              By  David Akhere

Answer: The electricity in my area is better than before but infrastructures and even our roads are not good as the drainage system as well. The federal roads are good but the street ones are not and there are no street light as individuals contribute to put them. As for the schools owned by government they are not fully equipped and the government should ensure that they do so for better learning and good educational standard in Iba lagos state.

By  Blessing Durobi

Answer: There are no government infrastructures well developed in my area and in orlu zone, Imo state. In terms of roads and electricity there is non they have put in place to better the area as the projects are not bee implemented in orlu zone imo state.

By Obum

Answer: It has nothing to write home about especially the road but as for the electricity it is okay because I live close to the barrack and the infrastructures  is no where to be seen.

By Gift Egbumuche

Answer: The government projects will be rated 60% in my area thanks to the local government councilors and chairman. The federal government can be blamed for the 40% because they are not concerned about the lower level of people and that’s why the island is better than the main land in agric, lagos state.

By Efe Gifted

Answer: In my area I can’t say much about the projects as we all know the government in Nigeria have almost same method of carrying out their projects. Out of the scale of 10-50 I will give the government 15. Firstly, the schools lack adequate materials to teach the students even in their laboratory practicals besides most of the hospitals don’t have proper equipment for operation. Well about the roads it is laughable because most bad roads has been the cause of many deaths. The government needs to put more effort in building the country in Port Harcourt.

By Chiamaka Juliet

All the aforementioned write-ups were all from various people around the country on this subject matter as there are also other views from people but to make the article short for our viewers we had to document afew. As the people has aired their view we use this opportunity to solicit to the government to look into all these and VOP will also be bringing more on other categories as time goes on so please stay tuned and also join us on the train to speak in one voice.

Interviewed By: Ojukwu Franklin

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