October 1, 2023 6:05 pm

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Advantages and Benefits of Lucid dreams


It’s already established that lucid dreams are conscious dreams. Now, lucid dreams has several advantages and there are some listed below:

Lucid dreams helps with creativity – Art savvy people can get their inspirations from lucid dreams. It might be an inspiration for their new song or painting or a new drama. Since there’s no limitation, no language barrier, no criticism and definitely no money barrier. Things can be tried in dreams that have never been done and there’s always room for improvement, there’s no waste of money or time.

Another thing some people hate is mathematics but here’s an interesting fact. Mathematicians can solve problems in their lucid dreams, they think of the problem and try to solve it in their dreams. Brilliant!

Scientists too can imagine things in their dreams. Lucid dream is like a free space. New science ideas can be brought up and the most unimaginable things can be imagined and worked on. Engineers, architects too are not left behind.

Another fact is that you can be in a happy place in lucid dreams. Experiences can be relived, lost loved ones can also be met even that unapproachable celebrity crush.

Lucid dreams are beautiful and everyone can benefit from the goodness of it

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