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“Don’t Wait Till You Reach 40 Years”-Start These 4 Health Habits, To Ensure Good Health And Wellness


“Don’t Wait Till You Reach 40 Years”-Start These 4 Health Habits, To Ensure Good Health And Wellness

From the day we were born to our current ages respectively, we are prone to diseases, we are all open to developing health issues, if we fail to abide by the commandments that guides healthy living.

You may already be asking yourself what are the commandment of good health, don’t worry, this article will answer all your questions. All you have to do is pay close attention , so as to get all the messages it is trying to pass.

In human health, there is what is called “routine check-up”, there is also what is called “annual or occasional check-up”, these two kinds of check-ups gears towards ensuring the maintenance of health and wellness in individuals, no matter the age or class.

Let’s quickly identify the two kinds of medical check-ups

Firstly medical check-up is a very essential aspect of health, whereby individual devotes a particular time to visit the hospital, for a basic or thorough examination, in order to ascertain his/her current health status. When the check-up is done, the outcome of it determines whether an individual requires a medical assistance or certain adjustment in lifestyle.

Routine check-up as the name implies, is a kind of check-up done on regular basis. It might not be daily or weekly basis, but must be at a regular interval. Routine check-ups are regarded as the basic step towards ensuring healthy life.

On the other hand, occasional or annual check-up are not done on regular basis, they are usually done annually, biennially etc. Occasional check-up is mostly done on vital organs like heart, kidney, liver etc, to ensure they are in good shape.

Occasional check-ups are more complex than routine check-ups, and so are more expensive and time consuming. But no matter how expensive it is, it doesn’t take away its importance.

Having known that, their is a great need to start practicing a good health habit. You don’t have to wait until you reach 40 before you start doing what is right.

There are some things you need to be doing at regular intervals to ensure that you remain in good health. This article discusses them broadly.

1. Frequent check of blood sugar level

So many people think that diabetes is normally experienced at old age, but that assumption is completely wrong. Diabetes should be an health concern to everybody, nothwistanding age.

Frequent check of blood sugar (glucose) level, will not only help monitor the level of blood sugar, but will also help you to make some certain lifestyle adjustments early enough, when there is need to, to avoid leading to more serious health problems. Suffering from a particular health condition without knowing, is the worst thing that can happen to you, so you’re therefore advised to do the needful, to avoid benefit of doubt.

2. Frequent check of blood pressure (BP)

High blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the most frequently experienced medical condition, and when not managed properly, it normally lead to serious medical conditions, which includes: stroke, heart attack, coronary artery disease etc.

In order to be on a safer side, it is very pertinent that you imbibe the culture of regular check of your blood pressure, no matter how young you are. Blood pressure are normally checked in pharmacy shops, hospitals and even at home (with blood pressure kit). If you cannot afford the kit, kindly check out a pharmacy, hospital or health care center nearest to you.

3. Treatment of malaria every 3 months

As far as Nigeria is concerned, there is no doubt about what mosquitoes can do. Malaria is very rampant in the country, and it is advisable that you treat malaria once in every three months.

Sleeping in a mosquito net shouldn’t be an excuse not to treat yourself. You should know that apart from the mosquitoes that bite during the night, you can also experience mosquito bite during the day.

Every individual knows his/her body, his/her genotype as well. AS are better resistive to malaria than AA, what it entails is that AA are at higher risk of experiencing frequent malaria infection. As an AA, you must ensure that you treat malaria regularly, so as to be on a safer side.

Remember, SELF MEDICATION is a no-go-area as far as drugs are concerned. Even though it is advisable to treat malaria on regular intervals, ensure that you seek for advice, and prescription from a medical personnel, to avoid giving yourself the wrong medication.

4. Don’t wait until you reach 40, before you begin healthy lifestyle. Begin now!

So many young people have developed some weird mentality, that one ought to enjoy his life at youthful age. This makes them to endulge in excessive intake of alcohol, too much drinking of soft drinks etc, which in turn result to so many damage to their body.

Put a stop to excessive intake of alcohol and soft drink(carbonated drinks) and unhealthy food

If you are waiting to reach 40 Years before you start making adjustments in your lifestyle, you need to rethink. The kind of life you live now, will go a long way to determining your health status in future. Don’t let your friends lure you into living unhealthy lifestyle, you know what is right, you know what to do.

Ensure that you eat natural foods, fruits and veggies. Shun artificial and sugary food, cultivate the habit of regular morning exercise. Ensure that you take adequate water on daily basis. And finally, minimize stress and take enough rest. Your body is not a machine!

Your health is in your hands, do what is right!

Dont forget to always wear a smiling face.

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