October 1, 2023 6:42 pm

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If You Experience Motion Sickness, Here’s a Quick Hack!



    _*✅ Do you know why you have headache, vomit or feel sleepy while traveling?*_

    Motion sickness occurs when the three parts of our body that sense movement — the eyes, inner ear, and sensory nerves — send different signals to the brain.

    Motion sickness typically occurs when only one or two of those centers (usually the inner ear) sense you are moving, and the other(s) do not — so there’s a mismatch in communication to the brain. “Your brain gets confused because it’s getting mixed signals and sensing this abnormal movement, which results in nausea or vomiting.

    _”This can happen if you are pressing phone or focusing on something in a bus, your eyes will tell the brain that you are not moving while inner ears and sensory nerves will tell the brain that you are moving.”_

     NOTE: If you are the type of person that always experience this motion sickness, kindly stay beside the window side of the bus. Don’t press phone, look at the road side and let all the parts of your body know that you are traveling.*

    *Stay healthy!*

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Testimony Bolorunde
1 year ago


I do experience this while traveling by road….my siblings have always made jest me thinking that I might feel the same while traveling by air.

Now I Know why and how to overcome it




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