October 1, 2023 6:40 pm

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If You Want To Live a Long Life, Immediately You Finish Eating, Avoid Doing These Five Things


If You Want To Live a Long Life, Immediately You Finish Eating, Avoid Doing These Five Things

Habitsare things we do all the time without consciously thinking about them. But we should always endeavor to check some of our habits, especially when such habits could have an impact on our health as well as our general well-being.

Today, we are going to see see some things that most of us do immediately after we finish eating which can put our health in a very serious danger.

Many of us are unaware of some of these things, while some of us are aware of some of them but we find it very difficult to avoid doing them.

1. Bathing after eating

For most of people, they prefer to bath immediately after eating but this has a bad affect on our body. When when we bath right after eating, it will affect the flow of blood to our stomach thereby affecting the digestion of our foods which can result in stomach pain and cramps.

Instead, it is advisable to Wait for at least thirty minutes before taking your bath

2. Wearing Tight clothes when eating or after eating

When ee wear tight clothes while eating, it puts a lot of pressure on our abdomen which can cause heartburn.

To avoid this, we should always wear loose clothes while eating and even after eating too so that our foods will completely digest.

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When eating a meal, you should allow your stomach to properly digest the food you have eaten. This means wearing tight-fitting clothes during meal time can put pressure on your abdomen, which may lead to heartburn. Of course, you don’t want that to happen. As much as possible, wear loose and

3. Sleeping immediately after eating

Most of us eat very late in the night and we end up feeling very tired. Well, no matter how tired you are, it is never advisable to sleep right after eating our foods.

The reason is that when we lie down after eating, the digestive juices in our stomach will flow in the opposite direction into our food pipe. This can cause a burning sensation in our body.

Instead, sit down for about 45 minutes in order for the food to digest, after that you can then go to sleep.

4. Taking tea immediately after eating

Taking tea after your meal may not really look like it’s bad but it is something we should avoid.

According to studies, tea contains phenolic compounds, and this can hinder our body from absorbing nutrients such as iron.

If we intend to take tea, it should never be immediately after our meals. A 30 minutes interval is advisable.

5. Eating fruits after eating

As the saying goes ‘there is time for everything’. There are many benefits of eating fruits because of their health benefits, but consuming fruits right after a meal is really bad

The reason is that fruits contain simple sugars which can make them digest faster than our normal foods. But when we take fruits immediately we finish eating, the fruits don’t travel fast enough to our intestines – instead, they remain stocked with our foods and then decompose before reaching our intestines where they would have been processed. Instead, we should take some time and allow our foods to digest before consuming fruits.

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