April 14, 2024 4:42 pm

NAUGHTY DUDES – How To Use Your Wc Toilet


Some things and knowledge we feel are common, aren’t actually common as we so propose them to be. We come in contact with our toilets every day but yet a higher percentage of people that makes use of toilets, do that wrongly.

Battling with my thoughts, I tried creating a balance as regards to the attachment of a manual on a toilet system goes beyond elaborating on its installation. On the other hand, I know most people only refer to their manuals while using a gadgets only when a problem that feels troublesome arises.

Using your toilet

Toilets, be it public or private should be used following these guides, honoring yourself with a lifestyle free of toilet infections.

Flushing: Flushing of the toilet simply refers to adding water to your toilets to send its initial content down the pipes. This shouldn’t be down only after use but also before use. Flushing you toilet before use, helps in creating a better environment for you to poo and also it makes the closet inner surfaces wet and sleeper when it comes in contact with those solid waste. Thereby limiting the chances of getting stained.

Wiping of the seat: Which ever toilet you may be using, be it public or private, no matter how neat the seat may appear, ensure to wipe them off before use. This is necessary as those seats sometimes contain try urine of men and probably that of crocoaches/rats. I guess you won’t like your skin to make such contacts……so wipe.

Lidding: This is more like a trick, it involves dropping a little piece of your toilet roll into the system before defecating. That little piece of the toilet roll, ensures that there are no splash back of water upwards when that solid waste drops. Those splash could be so annoying and are not friendly with your skin, why not avoid them.

Be sure: After you done with the business of the small room, just before leaving (that is after the second flush), take a second look at that white pot to ensure there’re no remains of your solid waste. No casting of oneself in the small room, keep your secrets to yourself…….flushing every bit of it…..

A times some waste possess a powerful floating characteristics, been resistant to the force with the flushing water. No cause for worries, just use this trick- cut a piece of your toilet roll, throw it into the toilet ensuring it gets a grip with that solid waste, then flush again……..thank me later………

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