July 23, 2021 8:47 pm

How to Know if a Man is Serious About You


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Originally Written by Metroski Baba

Ladies, here are some tips that might help you spot a man who is in for the real deal and not just fun/fling. Read it below;

1. He is interested in your Life.

If you tell him about how nervous you are concerning the next promotion at work or the next big move in your career and he calls you to check how it is going, asking every step of the way how you are feeling, then he is there for real. Men who want something real don’t hesitate to know everything going on in your life.

2. He is never too busy to Call.

Face it, nobody is too busy to call someone special. An “I called to say I miss you” call won’t last more than a minute, so when you truly care, you won’t be too busy to call. A man who is never to busy to call you and who calls back when he misses your call or text is one who is serious enough. You know why? Because men know how seriously women take the calls they put through to their man. They know women get angry when a man refuses to acknowledge their calls. So when he calls back to say “I’m so sorry I couldn’t reply your message or call at the time…” Or makes it up to you? Then he just might be for real.

3. He is willing to Help.

Whenever you need to get something done and you discuss it with him, if his immediate/automatic response is “so what are you going to do?” Without him offering to help in any way, then he just is not in it for the long term. A man who is into you and wants to start something serious would try to find out how he can help when you are in a fix. Not ask you without being concerned what you want to do. Men like to be men by helping their women and easing their stress. If he cares and is for real, he would offer to help, As simple as that.

4. He is interested in your Career.

A man who truly wants to be with you will be concerned about your career and your future plans. If he is serious
about your future then it means he is serious about you.

5. He is proud of You.

He takes you out and flaunts you whenever he has the chance. He does not leave you standing by yourself while talking to his friends in a party or an event, rather he stands by you and lets everyone know who you are to him.

In conclusion, as a lady, you shouldn’t crave for such man. Be a woman, a man will crave for.

Don’t be a liability, avoid the demanding pressure et al. Your level of responsibility speaks volume for your personality.

Lastly, your ATTITUDE puts you in line for such man.

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Nancy Chidimma
Nancy Chidimma
1 year ago

Everything you said here is very correct

Our attitude and level of responsibility really matters a lot in a relationship.
Thanks for this information

1 year ago

This s not the always be the case tho
Some people are really manipulative
They could o all these nd still not be really interested in you

1 year ago

This might not always be the case some people are malupulative
They might do all these but they aren’t really interested in you

2 months ago

Am sure when it comes to relationship, we can share our experience and thoughts about how things should be and what may seem wrong.

Permit me to say, sometimes what we see and what is truly behind the curtains are completely opposite of each other




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