March 27, 2023 6:02 am

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One thousand Naira in Nigeria, what can it buy for you?

Nigeria land of the free and home of the brave!

None is to be blamed for the country’s lack of standards in any sphere of life.

We are in this because we choose to live free and become the people we are.

And for that reason, I would like us to look at some funny but factual things in Nigeria.

A thousand Naira is the highest money in Nigeria and I would like to compare it to what it can buy for you.

Nigeria 1k is good for the following.

  1. 4 bottles of Fearless so as a student you won’t sleep but stay away all night to cram formulas from your textbooks.
  2. It can afford 1.5gig to use on your phone for a single day or two.
  3. It cannot afford a decent soup with few obstacles inside.
  4. When giving to a conductor in any commercial car drive, they will become angry and start shouting atop their voice of where they will get the change?
  5. It cannot allow you to carry Uber from the central business district in Abuja to Gwarinpa, 6th Avenue.
  6. It cannot afford good chocolate.

Should I be the one telling Nigerians to;

  1. Learn to find a way of investing 1k for something good if any exist.
  2. We should try and make Nigeria a better place for our children.
  3. Avoid trying to look flashy so as not to attracts criminals and all sorts of witches and wizard to attack you.
  4. Pray for a way to move out of Nigeria to a greener pasture than Nigeria.
  5. Invest in cryptocurrency and real estate.

Here are my thoughts about a thousand naira 

Nigeria my mother’s land!

We can do better and live better and respect one another better.

If we can find a way of making a thousand naira regain its value, we can make Nigeria great again.

This is my give on what a thousand naira can and is useful for in my country.

Share your thoughts if you know more than I do right here in the comment section.


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