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10 Benefits of Animal Farming That You Didn’t Know About


10 Benefits of Animal Farming That You Didn’t Know About



Animal farming isn’t the most popular industry in the world due to its association with animal cruelty and poor living conditions. 


However, animal farmers work hard to ensure the safety and health of their animals, as well as produce high-quality products that can be sold at the market. 


By learning about the benefits of this industry, you can learn more about why it’s crucial to support animal farmers and their practices.


While animal farming is one of the biggest causes of pollution, deforestation, and greenhouse gas emissions in the world, there are some positive aspects to raising livestock as well. 


The following are just ten of the benefits that come from this practice that you may not have known about.





1. Farms are better for the environment.


Studies have shown that livestock farming is less harmful to the environment than other types of farming because it produces fewer gas emissions per unit of livestock and leaves less nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil. 


When done properly, livestock farming also regenerates the soil with manure, adding back nutrients that were removed during harvesting. 


In addition, animal waste can be turned into biogas and biofertilizer, which are renewable sources of energy. 


Finally, animal farming can reduce erosion by providing shelter for plants.





2. Farms keep populations at stable levels.


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, animal farming can be defined as the practice of breeding and raising livestock, primarily for food. 


As you can imagine, livestock consumption is on the rise around the world. 


The agricultural industry needs to keep populations at stable levels because no one wants to see overcrowding on farms or animals grazing for hours on end without sufficient food. 


Otherwise, malnutrition will run rampant. 


This is why animal farming has become such a significant undertaking. 

It keeps populations at stable levels and helps foster healthier lifestyles for both humans and animals alike.





3. There’s no such thing as humane slaughter.


Most animal products come from animals that are raised for food. 


They live in cramped, unsanitary spaces with little to no access to sunlight, fresh air, or any semblance of a natural life. 


And, when it’s time for them to be killed, the process is anything but humane. 


Animals are often shot, hung upside down and bled out, or stabbed repeatedly before they’re slaughtered.


Some people think that if they buy humane animal products, they’re doing everything they can to help protect animals. 


But there’s no such thing as humane slaughter—all meat and dairy come from animals who have had lives just as bad, if not worse, than farmed animals. 


Even eggs, which are considered a more humane choice because chickens aren’t slaughtered for them, are incredibly cruel.

So encourage animal farming; it is the best method of rearing livestock.





4. The milk is cleaner.


Not many people know this, but most cows that produce milk in the US are grain-fed. 


They’re not only fed a diet high in grains, they are also often injected with mastitis buffers to prevent inflammation and infection that are often caused by lactation. 


Grain-fed cows produce better quality milk with higher protein and fat content than those who eat only grass. 


So when you buy organic milk from your local grocery store, it’s likely coming from cows that were grain-fed. 


The next time you go grocery shopping, take a look at the prices for organic vs. non-organic dairy products. 


Chances are good that you’ll find organic products do not cost significantly more than non-organic ones.





5. No farm animals on your dinner plate? Think Again


Did you know that if animal farming didn’t exist, no human would ever be able to eat a chicken, cow, or pig?  

Meat, eggs, and dairy products come from animals that were raised on farms. 


People might think they can just eat vegetables instead, but this is not the case. 


Meat substitutes are often made from soy and some vegetables, like mushrooms, have a strong flavor, so it’s easy to tell the difference between these substitutes and real meat. 


If people want meat in their diet, then they need to start thinking about the benefits of animal farming because, without it, there wouldn’t be any! 


Animals provide humans with essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. 


Animals also contribute greatly to our agricultural economy by producing valuable byproducts such as manure, which helps produce crops. 


When we raise livestock, we also reduce greenhouse gas emissions since livestock release less methane than cows who graze freely on pasture land.






6. Chickens have personalities.


Chickens have many personalities, which can be detected through certain actions. 

Chickens will communicate with each other through a variety of vocalizations and gestures. 


A shy chicken will stay away from the group and be generally more skittish, while an extroverted chicken may hop around and interact with the other chickens or people. 


Chickens lay eggs depending on what they eat, their age, weight, and the environment in which they are raised. 


Chickens’ egg production peaks when their natural egg-laying cycle is at 14 months old. 


There are no restrictions to how often hens can produce eggs during this period as long as they are healthy and their health isn’t compromised by their laying so frequently. 


Eggs laid by older hens (2 years old) usually taste better than those laid by younger hens because their yolks contain more nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids, that get passed onto the egg when it is formed.


Only animal farming teaches you this much about chickens, but if there wasn’t any animal farming, then nobody would know any facts about them!






7. Animal fat tastes good.


Animal fat tastes good , which is why we often fry it. 


If people stopped eating animal products, then restaurants would have to cook with vegetable oil, which is not as tasty. 


Not only that, but animal fats contain omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient that can be hard to get on a vegan diet. 





8. We can feed people with other methods.


Animals are simply a way for us to get nutrients we can’t find elsewhere. 


There is no food source as nutrient-dense as meat and dairy, and because animal farming provides one of the best sources of nutrients, it’s important that it not be neglected when addressing nutrition issues.  


If you eat vegan or vegetarian, your diet is usually lacking in iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamin B12. 


But these deficiencies can easily be addressed by adding a few servings of meat or eggs each week to your diet.





9. Farmers breed animals with traits we like.


This is another way that farmers increase our access to the desired product. 

For example, using selective breeding, chickens are bred to produce more eggs. 


Farmers also use this technique to create cows with large amounts of milk or pigs that grow quickly. 


We need food, and animal farming provides us with some. 

Animals can be used for their meat, milk, eggs, and fur. 


If we didn’t have animals as part of our farming system, we would not be able to eat any type of meat. 


The world’s population has been growing steadily, so if we didn’t have a livestock industry, then there would not be enough food for everyone in the world.





10. Animal Farming May Increase Longevity (According to Some Sources).


Animal farming may increase longevity and promote healthy living by providing consumers with a dependable source of high-quality, low-cost meat, eggs, and dairy products. 


While some studies show that animal protein is associated with greater mortality, other large studies demonstrate a decreased risk of certain cancers and cardiovascular disease in association with increased levels of animal protein. 


The Harvard Nurses’ Health Study followed over 120,000 women for 14 years and found no significant link between the consumption of animal protein and cancer or heart disease. 


Plant proteins, on the other hand, have been linked to an increased risk of these diseases. 


A systematic review published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the evidence does not support the current public health recommendation to limit dietary cholesterol intake from eggs to less than 300 mg per day because dietary cholesterol plays a key role in maintaining adequate blood cholesterol levels throughout life.





In conclusion,


Another benefit of animal farming is that animals provide humans with clothing and other items like leather. 


And on top of all this, they provide entertainment in the form of television shows and movies. 


Animal agriculture also provides jobs to many people around the world who would otherwise be unemployed. 


In addition, there are environmental benefits to raising animals for food, such as conserving resources like land, water, and energy. 


There are also health benefits associated with eating meat, including a lower risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. 


Plus, livestock help fertilize the soil and recycle nutrients. 


So what are you waiting for? 

Put down your soy latte and get out there! 


All these good things about animal agriculture will make anyone want to stop going vegan or vegetarian. 




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