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5 Low Market Cap Altcoins to Watch Out For in November 2021

Starting now until the end of November 2021, here are some gem-quality altcoins you might want to keep an eye on if you’re looking to make some long-term gains with cryptocurrency. This list of altcoins includes cryptocurrencies that have had relatively low market caps in the past, but are expected to increase drastically over the next few months due to factors like new exchange listings, impressive developer teams, or high network value per token metrics.

1) Harmony (ONE)

Harmony (ONE) is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token designed for digital payments. Their decentralized secure messenger, Harmony Pay, allows you to send, receive and store cryptocurrency directly on your mobile device. It also offers two-factor authentication features which use blockchain technology for better security than most other popular messaging applications. When you first start using Harmony Pay, you’ll need to sign up with your email address and secure your account with a password.

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2) Verasity (VRA)

Verasity is a platform that allows anyone from small YouTubers to large corporations to earn cryptocurrency. The VRA token rewards viewers for watching content on Verasity while also rewarding content creators and curators using a peer-to-peer model. If you’re looking for a great altcoin investment, look no further than Verasity.

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3) Nano (NANO)

Previously known as RaiBlocks, Nano is a cryptocurrency that has been described as a gem for its unique blockchain structure. If I had to pick one low-market-cap altcoin as a potential sleeper for November 2021, it would be Nano. Here’s why.

NANO is incredibly fast and boasts an extremely low transaction fee of zero. Even though there are numerous fast and cheap cryptocurrencies out there today, Nano stands out for a few reasons: no need to set up a wallet (no private key), instantaneous transactions, and no fees when sending your cryptocurrency from one wallet address to another.

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With a market cap of under $50 million, COTI is one of your best bets for exposure to altcoin. The currency is currently tradable on Binance and is gaining popularity as a payment solution that can be integrated into smartphone wallets. Consider holding onto some COTI if you’re looking for low-risk exposure over short periods of time.

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5) (FET)

FET isn’t a very well-known altcoin, but it boasts an impressive list of features, including distributed storage and financial network services. The token has a market cap of just $1 million at press time, making it one of the more accessible options on our list for prospective buyers. Those who do decide to pick up some FET may want to consider using an FET wallet—there are three available on Coinbase.

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*A list of 5 low market cap altcoins to watch out for in November 2021.*

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Thank you for the info.




5 Low Market Cap Altcoins to Watch Out For in November 2021



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