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7 Benefits of Having a Charming Personality

1. Charm Brings Acceptability

Acceptability is one of the greatest cravings of all humans. A daughter in-law craves to be accepted by her mother and father in-laws, a subordinate craves to be accepted by his/her superior. This desire for acceptability is seen in all walks of life and human relationships. Charm is one vital ingredient that brings acceptability.

2. Charm Gives You A Pleasing Personality

“Personality is seen as thoughts expressed through body language and words”. Possessing the right skills in expressing your thoughts through the use of the right words and body language, gives you a pleasing and charming personality.

3. Charm Opens Doors for You

Personally this is a common experience with me because I am charming…hahahaha!!!!. Yes I am if I wasn’t then I won’t be qualified to teach this course. On several occasions I have been accepted where others were rejected.I love to teach with practical personal examples. So let me share with you one of so many experiences of such occasions were doors shut to others have been opened to me just because of my charm.I belong to a particular organisation where I am one of the senior leaders. On this particular occasion, we were to attend a conference in a distant city from our base. Myself and a group of others were saddled with the responsibility of arranging for buses to convey all delegates to the conference. A junior colleague was sent to do the initial negotiation with the transport company. An agreement on the cost of transportation and the number of passengers per bus was reached. On the day of departure the buses arrived. Two different centres were designated for departure and I was responsible for coordinating one of the centres while another senior colleague of mine was responsible for the other centre. A situation arose; it happened that more delegates turned out in both centres. So the passengers were now more than the available buses and there was not enough funds to call for more buses. We were left with the option of making the buses carry more people than initially agreed. And obviously you would expect that the company’s management will not just agree to that at no extra cost. So in the first centre, my colleague tried to negotiate with the supervisor the company sent with the drivers but it resulted into a heated argument and the supervisor insisted that they must go by the initial agreement.When he came to my centre, the same situation was met. I knew I had to just employ charm to get these gentle men agree to my bidding instead of the initial agreement. So I approached them, spoke to them politely employing the charming skills I have learnt and it worked….hahahaha. The supervisor said he does not break the company’s policies but from my manner of approach and the way I spoke he has decided to bend the rules. So, the same door that was shut against my colleague was opened to me because of charm.

4. In Business, Charm Makes You an Expert Sales Man

I am an expert sales man because I am charming. Besides all other forms of knowledge you may require, charm is the most important quality you need to practically make sales consistently no matter what it is you want to sell. Be it an idea, a product or any form of service.

5. Charm Makes You Exceptional

Have you ever encountered a situation, where two individuals commit the same offence say in an organisation and the files are opened for judgement to be passed and both of them are found guilty yet the CEO or MD of the organisation decides to punish one and pardon the other? The secret is charm.

6. Charm Helps You Build and Sustain Meaningful Relationships

I enjoy excellent and very meaningful relationships with family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and everyone I meet and relate with. I have never lost a friend( I mean broken friendship). My secret is in being charming and irresistible. Let me teach you how to achieve that…..

7. Charm Helps You Win and Retain the Heart of  A Potential Lover

You may have all the money and all other qualities but if you lack charm I guarantee you may never be able to win and retain the heart of that special person you love and desire so much.

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