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Beijing Remains Silent: No Updates on Qin Gang’s Removal

China’s foreign ministry declined to comment on Wednesday on the abrupt sacking of senior diplomat Qin Gang, while scrubbing mentions of him from a government website.

China’s Foreign Ministry Silent on Sudden Removal of Senior Diplomat

Qin, who has not been seen in public for more than a month, was removed from office by Beijing’s top lawmaking body on Tuesday after just 207 days in the job.

Diplomat Qin Gang Abruptly Sacked by China’s Top Lawmaking Body

That followed weeks of speculation that the former Chinese ambassador to the United States and one-time confidant of President Xi Jinping had suddenly fallen out of favor.

Speculation Surrounds Sudden Removal of Diplomat Qin Gang

Any reference to the 57-year-old had been removed from the website of China’s foreign ministry by Wednesday morning.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Scrubs Mention of Diplomat From Official Website

  1. The sudden removal of senior Chinese diplomat Qin Gang has caused a stir in the political landscape of China, as the foreign ministry has remained silent on the matter. Qin, who had not been seen in public for over a month, was abruptly removed from office by Beijing’s top lawmaking body after only 207 days in the job.
  2. There had been weeks of speculation surrounding Qin’s sudden fall from grace, as he was once the Chinese ambassador to the United States and a trusted confidant of President Xi Jinping. However, the details of his removal and the reasons behind it remain unclear, as China’s foreign ministry declined to provide any comments or additional information.
  3. The removal of Qin also came with the removal of any mention of him from the government’s website, indicating a deliberate effort to erase his presence. Search results for his name on the foreign ministry website yielded no results, with previous articles about his diplomatic appearances showing a message stating that the page no longer exists or has been deleted.
  4. Mao Ning, spokeswoman for the foreign ministry, referred journalists to a Xinhua article when asked about Qin’s removal and declined to offer further details. She repeatedly emphasized that the decisions made by China’s top lawmaking body and President Xi were “very clear,” suggesting that the situation is not up for debate or discussion.
  5. While Qin’s name has been scrubbed from the foreign ministry’s website, it still appears on other Chinese government websites, including the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce, and state media outlets. The discrepancy in his presence or absence across different platforms adds to the mystery surrounding his removal.
  6. Different theories and opinions have emerged regarding Qin’s sudden dismissal. Some experts speculate that the “digital erasure” of Qin suggests that he has fallen out of favor politically. The absence of any official reason for his dismissal adds to the speculation that it may be a politically motivated purge.
  7. Qin, originally from the city of Tianjin, had a close relationship with President Xi. As the former chief of the foreign ministry’s protocol department, he frequently interacted with the president. His swift rise through the ranks, from US ambassador to China’s number two diplomat, was seen as a result of Xi’s trust in him.
  8. The sudden fall of Qin, often referred to as the “Wolf Warrior” diplomat, demonstrates that no official in China is immune to the unpredictable nature of Chinese politics. Despite his close proximity to the president, Qin’s removal sends a message that no one is safe, regardless of their position or support from Xi Jinping.
  9. Qin has been replaced as foreign minister by top diplomat Wang Yi.

Sources: https://www.reuters.com/business/china-ministry-declines-comment-removal-diplomat-qin-gang-2021-08-11/

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