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Creative Social Media Post Ideas That Will Catch Your Followers’ Attention [Vol 1]


Creative Social Media Post Ideas That Will Catch Your Followers’ Attention


Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to new customers, but it’s also a big responsibility.

You have to be consistent and you have to come up with great content that your followers will find useful or shareable.

If you own a business and use social media to promote it, you know how time-consuming it can be to come up with new and creative posts on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The amount of work involved in creating unique content for every social media network you’re active on can be enough to make your head spin!

Every business person needs creative social media post ideas that they can use again and again to share interesting tidbits about their company and engage their followers more effectively.

That’s where we come in! We’ve developed this list of social media post ideas that you can use as inspiration to create unique and exciting posts every time you sit down at your computer to write.

Check it out and let us know what you think!


1. Live Stream

The greatest option is to interact live with your audience because it will save you time, give your business a genuine transparent appearance and foster trust.

Remember the saying, ‘live pictures don’t lie’.

Live streaming is an excellent way to engage with customers or followers as it saves you time and fosters trust.

Live video can also help build brand awareness in an authentic way.

In your live streams, you can;

Ask questions:

what better way is there to get people talking about your company than by asking them questions?

Take surveys:

offer the chance for customers or followers of your social media page to tell you what they want next from your company by taking surveys.


2. Memes

Who doesn’t like to laugh?

Memes are the most powerful motivators since they not only help people connect with you but also make them happy.

Moreover, posting a funny meme every now and then on your social media account is a great way to break the ice when starting a conversation with a new audience or new leads, as it creates an environment that is comfortable and easygoing.

Remember, there is no such thing as too many funny pictures, then you realize that even after a long day people are still searching for your posts.

Share funny memes that may or may not relate to your field of work (unless you don’t want any followings).

The whole point is to stay fresh and connected with your audience.


3. ‘How To’ Videos

You would be surprised at how frequently people search on google with the keyword, ‘how to’.

You should create content starting with ‘how to’ that resolves your audience issues.

For example, if your business is in e-commerce, you could post a picture of a person trying to use your product with you instructing them.

Another idea would be to show a person using your product and when they don’t understand something, add a helpful caption like, “If you’re not sure what this means then read our FAQs”.

These posts will give followers an idea of how easy it is for them to use your product or service.

Before doing this, research your audience to understand their issues and the finest solutions your area of expertise has to offer.

You’ll have more likes, shares, followers, trust and comments as a result.


4. Free Online Resources

Post a useful resource so that your audience might get fresh knowledge.

It might be a worthwhile blog or a free online course.

You can freely impart knowledge.

Your users will be able to tell that you genuinely want to help them and that’s a big booster for your business.

Also, when you share content that is of value to others, they’ll follow you on social media and stay tuned in to what you’re up to.

This helps generate word-of-mouth advertising.

Knowledge is power.

You could post a relevant infographic on your page and the likes and shares will roll in like waves at the beach.

Make sure the info is relevant and updated regularly or people won’t keep coming back for more!

5. Posting Viral Videos

Following the trend is preferable since it keeps you in the spotlight.

But instead of choosing immoral methods, keep up with industry trends.

Make your audience think of your status first. Use a catchy title to give them a taste of what they’re about to read.

You could also throw in some hashtags for good measure and use that as an opportunity to promote your other content.

6. Share your Personal Brand Story

Share your personal brand story, let followers know who you are and what inspires you.

How did you get into this industry?

What keeps you going?

What are your goals for the future?

People want to feel connected to others in this world and social media is a great way to accomplish that.

The best way to connect with followers on social media is by sharing yourself and your story.

When people feel more connected, they will be more likely to purchase from you because they have formed an emotional connection with you.

 7. Link to A Great Resource You’ve Found Recently

Share a free Link to a great resource you’ve found recently.

It can be anything from social media marketing tips, business ideas, productivity hacks, or motivational quotes.

It is always nice to give your followers something of value for free, which will help them in their lives and make them more likely to keep following you on social media!

So, if you have the time today, take five minutes to research a new and relevant website or blog post that could offer some insights that would interest your followers.

The worst thing that could happen is they will tell you no thanks.

8. Share an Old Photo from when you were Growing Up

Share an old photo from when you were growing up with your audience.

It will make them nostalgic and it will be a personal post that they’ll love to see.

Here’s an example:

Share the picture with a caption about how you felt in the moment and what you’re feeling now looking back on it,

or share a funny story about the moment in the picture.

Make sure to include ‘Throwback Thursday’ or ‘Throwback Friday’ somewhere in the caption, so people know what day it is and can find their own posts to share!

This increases bonding and credibility.

9. Screenshot of Tweets

Millions of people worldwide rely on twitter as an official platform since it is reliable.

So that people may see you for who you really are, post screenshots of your tweets on your page, these little things make a big difference.

You can go ahead and share snippets from what inspires you on tweets or keep up with what’s happening in your life in tweets.

10. Post Behind The Scenes [BTS]

People enjoy BTS activities because they are natural and authentic.

You can publish BTS of you doing your business activities [a photo or video] BTS of your films or BTS of your actual store on the street, among other things.

Another great idea is to provide an inside look into what you do for work:

Let’s say you are a graphic designer and are working on a new project, why not post photos of the progress on instagram, facebook or other of your media handles?

If that’s not enough, post pictures of yourself hard at work on what it is that you’re doing (and maybe provide some background info about the process).

Share a video of a behind-the-scenes look at your company’s day-to-day operations.

11. Upcoming Service or Product

You can create excitement for your impending service or product with this step.

Encourage user discussion before launch eg ‘coming soon’ sign up to be the first to know’. Give updates on how much progress has been made in production, share a sneak peek, etc.

All of these will get people talking and engaged in what you’re doing.

12. Celebrate Something or your Users and Clients

Publish a weekly or monthly piece highlighting your most engaged users.

You may gift them or express your gratitude to them specially and then to all your customers for the previous month with them.

You can run a discount for your users and commemorate birthdays, holidays, or your brand.

13. Share a Funny Incident

Tell your audience about a truly amusing incident from your life,while also asking them to share their own.

Your relationship with them will be strengthened as a result.

Not only will they feel like you’re giving them an inside look into your life and personality, but they’ll appreciate the opportunity to do the same.

14. Show a Good Deed

Tell others about your most recent act of kindness and how you are bringing about change.

Encourage them to follow suit, be the change.

Outline a challenge for people to participate in, such as give up something for a day or make a positive impact on someone’s life.

Show that social media can also be used for good!

15. Ask People to Like or Support you

Request comments , likes and shares on your social media post.

Invite folks to submit reviews.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and been asked,

‘How was your meal?’

I know it sounds strange but it is the same.

People want to hear what others think about the services or products they want to buy.

If people like something they will be more likely to recommend it to their friends or buy it again!


Here are other tips that could also apply;

Find something interesting in your industry that others may not know about and post it as an update for others to read too.

Add quick updates about what you’re doing this week, how busy you are, or where you’re going on vacation, so followers feel more connected to what is happening on your end as well.

Don’t be afraid to get personal either; social media thrives on human connection.

So make sure you have at least one post per day where you are being true to yourself.

Put together a video compilation showcasing all the best moments from this year or put together.

Share something cool that just happened in the world: write about what’s trending in the news now.

To see other social media post ideas, check out our volume 2.

Or visit our page @greenconnect.link

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