October 2, 2022 2:47 pm

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“Do not rush into marriage ” Rex Nosa advises the upcoming generation



Nosa Rex
Nosa Rex
Actor Nosa Rex from Nollywood has given marital advice to younger generations that plan to get married.
In a recent interview, the happily married father of three remarked had advised that they shouldn’t rush into marriage, know why they’re getting married, and don’t let anyone pressure them into it.
He used his marriage as an example saying that one cannot tell a woman you want to marry her today when you first meet her. It isn’t feasible. He and his wife were friends during the two years he was married to her because he was aware that love alone is insufficient. Although vital, money is not the only thing.
He added that they should not act like pretenders but rather be kind to one another and a team. There isn’t a marital manual.
He also shed more light on his enjoyment in his marriage saying that God has provided him with everything he had intended, and that is significant and special to him. He now have the energy to pursue his work and provide his children with the best life possible while also enjoying his young marriage and life. He appreciated God for this.
Nosa Rex offered additional light on how he has managed to juggle his profession and family as an actor who frequently changes locations. He stated that It has not been easy because they are two hard things, especially with the type of job he does, creating material, acting, producing, and occasionally directing.
According to him, he has managed to strike a balance between the fact that this takes him away from the house and the fact that he needs to be there to maintain his home.
He concluded by saying that he don’t spend too much time outside the house, and when he is home, he gives his family all of his attention.
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Rex Nosa and his wife 

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