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Emotional Breakdown: Benjamin Mendy Ends Legal Ordeal as Court Acquits Him of Rape Charges

Former Manchester City and France footballer Benjamin Mendy broke down in tears on Friday, as a UK jury cleared him of sex offences, ending a three-year court ordeal.

On Friday, Benjamin Mendy, a former Manchester City and France footballer, received the news he had been waiting for. After a grueling three-year court battle, a UK jury cleared him of sex offences. The weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders and he couldn’t hold back his emotions, breaking down in tears. It was a moment of pure relief and vindication.

“Mendy, 28, put his head on his knees and wiped away tears on hearing the verdict at the end of the three-week trial at Chester Crown Court in northwest England.

The jury of six men and six women took around three hours and 15 minutes to reach their not guilty verdicts on one count of rape and another of attempted rape.

Mendy, now 28 years old, couldn’t contain his overwhelming emotions as the verdict was delivered in Chester Crown Court. He put his head on his knees and tears streamed down his face. The three-week trial had been a grueling experience, but it was all worth it in the end. The jury, composed of six men and six women, deliberated for three hours and 15 minutes before announcing their not guilty verdict on the charges of rape and attempted rape. Mendy was finally free, and justice had been served.

Benjamin Mendy's photograph outside the court
Benjamin Mendy and his solicitor outside Chester Crown Court. (Photo by Oli SCARFF / AFP)

The star footballer, who would have faced a lengthy jail term if convicted, had
previously being cleared in January of six counts of rape and one of sexual assault following a six-month trial.

This wasn’t Mendy’s first run-in with the law. Earlier in January, he had already been cleared of six counts of rape and one count of sexual assault after a lengthy six-month trial. However, at that time, the jury had failed to reach a verdict on two other counts, leading to this retrial. The stakes were high, and had Mendy been found guilty, he would have faced a lengthy jail term. But luck was on his side, and he could finally put this nightmare behind him.

Mendy, whose contract with Manchester City expired at the end of June, had denied all the charges against him.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Mendy vehemently denied all the charges brought against him. He maintained his innocence, claiming that he had never forced any woman into sex and all sexual encounters were consensual. Despite the accusations and the weight of the legal battle, Mendy remained steadfast in his claims of innocence.

He was accused alongside Louis Saha Matturie, 41, an alleged “fixer”, who was found not guilty by the jury at the earlier trial of three counts of rape relating to two teenagers.

Another person who was embroiled in this scandal was Louis Saha Matturie, a 41-year-old alleged “fixer.” He was accused alongside Mendy, facing three counts of rape relating to two teenagers. However, the jury in the earlier trial had found Matturie not guilty on all counts. The focus was now solely on Mendy and the verdict that would determine his fate.

Jurors also failed to reach verdicts on three counts of rape and three counts of sexual assault against Matturie by five other women.
He faces a separate retrial later this year.

In addition to the charges related to the two teenagers, Matturie faced three additional counts of rape and three counts of sexual assault involving five other women. Unfortunately, the jurors couldn’t reach a verdict on these charges, leading to a separate retrial for Matturie later this year. The legal battle wasn’t over for him, but for Mendy, the outcome was now in his favor.

The prosecution had alleged that Mendy was a sexual “predator” who raped or sexually assaulted young women procured by Matturie at parties at his luxury home south of Manchester.
But Mendy denied ever forcing any woman into sex and both said any sexual activity they had with women was consensual.

The prosecution had described Mendy as a sexual “predator” who allegedly raped or sexually assaulted young women that were procured by Matturie at lavish parties hosted at Mendy’s luxury home in Manchester. However, Mendy adamantly denied these allegations, stating that he had never forced any woman into sex and that all sexual activity he engaged in with women was completely consensual. It was a battle of he-said, she-said, with Mendy maintaining his innocence.

Mendy, a record signing for a defender when he moved to Manchester City from French club Monaco in 2017, played 75 times for City.
But his playing time was limited by injuries and a loss of form.
The last of his 10 caps for France came in November 2019, after the defender won the World Cup with the national side in 2018.

Mendy was once an integral part of Manchester City, making a record signing for a defender in 2017 when he transferred from French club Monaco. He played a total of 75 matches for City, despite being plagued by injuries and a decline in form. His talent had shone on the international stage as well, capped 10 times by the French national team. His last appearance came in November 2019, after he had helped France win the prestigious World Cup in 2018.

The trials meant that he missed Manchester City’s treble last season of the English Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League.

Unfortunately for Mendy, the much-anticipated trials forced him to miss out on Manchester City’s incredible triple triumph last season. City had clinched the English Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League titles, securing their place in football history. While his teammates celebrated, Mendy was embroiled in the legal battle that threatened to overshadow his career.

The defence lawyers said in a statement after the verdict that he was “delighted” to have been acquitted in both trials.
“Benjamin Mendy would like to thank the members of the jury for focusing on the evidence in this trial rather than the rumour and innuendo that has followed this case from the outset,” they added.
“This is the second time that Mr. Mendy has been tried and found not guilty by a jury. He is delighted that both juries reached the correct verdicts.
“It has been almost three years since the police started investigating this matter. Mr. Mendy has tried to remain strong but the process has, inevitably had a serious impact on him.
He thanks everyone who has supported him throughout this ordeal and now asks for privacy so he can begin rebuilding his life.”

Mendy’s defense lawyers were quick to express their joy at the verdict, stating that Mendy was “delighted” to have been acquitted in both trials. They also expressed their gratitude to the members of the jury for carefully analyzing the evidence presented, disregarding the rumors and innuendo that had surrounded the case from the very beginning. This was the second time that Mendy had stood trial and emerged with a not guilty verdict, providing further evidence of his innocence. However, despite this victory, the lengthy legal process had taken its toll on Mendy. It had been nearly three years of investigation and court battles, affecting him deeply. He expressed his gratitude to everyone who had supported him through this difficult time and now asked for privacy so that he could move forward and rebuild his life.

Source: France24

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