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Gov Mbah reveals shocking multi-billion naira loss every Monday due to Sit-At-Home movement

The Governor of Enugu State, Peter Mbah, says the sit-at-home enforced by a faction of the Indigenous People of Biafra in the South-East is causing the state to lose over N10 billion every Monday.

The Governor of Enugu State, Peter Mbah, has raised concerns over the economic impact of the sit-at-home order enforced by a faction of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in the South-East of Nigeria. According to Governor Mbah, the state is losing more than N10 billion each Monday due to the disruption of economic activities caused by the illegal order.

Speaking at a meeting with the Presidents-General (PGs) of all the autonomous communities in the state, Governor Mbah emphasized the link between poverty and the sit-at-home order. He highlighted that the economic activity that would have taken place on Mondays in the state is being severely hampered, resulting in significant financial losses for Enugu.

“It’s important for us to understand the connection between poverty and this so-called sit-at-home. Each Monday that we sit at home, we lose over N10bn naira from the economic activity that ought to have happened here in our state,” Mbah said.

“People who ordinarily would have stayed in a hotel till Monday before they travel will decide against staying beyond Sunday. So, what happens? The revenue the hoteliers would have generated is gone.

“People who would have come into Enugu to participate in one economic activity or the other won’t show up because you say you are sitting at home on Monday.”

The Governor highlighted a direct correlation between the sit-at-home order and the decline of economic opportunities in Enugu. He explained that individuals who would typically extend their hotel stays until Monday would now opt to leave early, resulting in lost revenue for hoteliers. Additionally, the order discourages people from traveling to Enugu for various economic activities, further impacting the state’s economy.

Furthermore, Governor Mbah expressed concerns that the perception of insecurity created by the sit-at-home order could hinder his administration’s efforts to transition the state’s economy from being public sector-driven to private sector-driven.

The governor called upon the PGs to educate their communities, emphasizing that there is no official sit-at-home order on Mondays or any other day. He urged them not to yield to the directives of unelected individuals, stating that accepting such orders would imply subordination without consent.

“People who have not been elected by anybody come out to say that you must sit at home and you sit at home. But the question you must ask yourself is: “Who elected those persons? Why should I obey them?” We can only obey orders of people we have elected to give us such orders, not unelected people,” Mbah stated.

Governor Mbah reassured the people of Enugu that security agencies have been alerted to ensure the protection of lives and property in the state. He emphasized the need to counter the sit-at-home narrative and restore normalcy to the state’s economic activities.

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