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It’s 8:00pm and Rex is yet to return from work. This had been his habit for months now,but this time he failed to notify Chloe,his pregnant wife. She had been expecting him since 7:00pm ‘cos she had gotten used to him coming home two hours late,but he has exceeded hours now. Thoughts of how gradual these changes creep in and how much of a stranger her husband had become gets her paranoid and pacing about the house through out the day.

She begins to reminisce about her first 12 months with Rex as man and wife. He was loving, caring and sweet. They were everywhere together, they attended functions together,and he was always excited introducing her to his friends and colleagues. His sense of humour was out of planet earth. She meant the world to him,not because he always assured her but because she knew it.

Then everything changed… He’s never seen around anymore. Always working. Never has time for her,not even for himself. She keeps wondering what the problem is. Though he provides all she needs even employed a cook and a help, his presence is all she wants. He comes home so tired, leaves home very early without having his favorite breakfast – milk in one cup, chocolate separate in another,and biscuits. He stopped being the man she fell in love with,he had changed…

Chloe hears the door open. “honey you are back, welcome” she hugs him warmly
“thanks dear”
“dear, may i know if I wronged you” Chloe asks
“no, where’s that coming from?” Rex inquires
“I’ve been wanting to have this conversation with you… tell me what’s wrong with me that you can’t come home to me so we would spend time together. Don’t I look attractive to you anymore?”

“jeez” he exclaims “babe don’t say that… you are my wife and you remain the most beautiful creature I have seen.please don’t say that again. Remember that morning you had that fever 8 months ago,I dropped you at the hospital and when i came back in the evening you gave me the news ‘honey! we are pregnant’? I was so excited that I was going to be a father and i made up my mind to be a responsible one. I had to work more so you would have everything you need during the time of the pregnancy and after you deliver. I’m sorry I didn’t know I was lost in…”
“oh my god” Chloe screams
” babe I said I’m sorry”Rex pleads

“shut the heck up! the baby!”

Communication is key. In that relationship get concerned with d happenings in your partner’s life. Don’t just claim to care,be available. Share pains/gains


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Nancy Chidimma
2 years ago

This is super educative
I love this piece



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