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Ibori’s Lawyer Hit With Jaw-Dropping £28m Bill by UK Court

A British court has ordered an ex-lawyer of former Delta State Governor, James Ibori to pay £28 million for helping to hide funds gained illegally.

A court in the UK has made a significant ruling in a case involving an ex-lawyer of James Ibori, the former Governor of Delta State. Bhadresh Gohil, an Indian lawyer, has been ordered to pay £28 million for his role in concealing funds that were acquired illegally.

Bhadresh Gohil, an Indian lawyer, was convicted in 2010 of 13 counts of money laundering and other offences linked to his role in helping Ibori hide the proceeds from criminal activities. Ibori governed the oil-rich state from 1999 to 2007.

The conviction of Bhadresh Gohil dates back to 2010 when he was found guilty of multiple offenses, including money laundering. These charges were directly related to his involvement in assisting James Ibori in hiding the profits from unlawful activities during Ibori’s tenure as Governor of Delta State.

Gohil was ordered on Monday to pay just over £28 million or face a further six-year sentence, Reuters reported on Monday, citing a statement from Britain’s Crown Prosecution Office (CPS). The lawyer was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2010 and has served half of his sentence.

In a recent development, Bhadresh Gohil has been given an ultimatum by the court. He must pay a total of £28 million, or else he will face an additional six years of imprisonment. This information was reported by Reuters, which cited a statement from Britain’s Crown Prosecution Office (CPS). It is worth noting that Gohil was originally sentenced to 10 years in prison, and he has already served half of his sentence.

The decision comes after Ibori, who was convicted for laundering millions in Britain and elsewhere, was on Friday ordered to pay £101.5 million ($130 million) or face an eight-year sentence.

It is important to mention that this ruling follows a similar case involving James Ibori. Ibori himself was recently ordered to pay £101.5 million ($130 million) or else he would serve an additional eight years in prison. Ibori has been previously convicted for his involvement in money laundering, which spanned across various locations including Britain.

Last Friday, Ibori vowed to appeal a United Kingdom court ruling which ordered a confiscation of £101.5 million linked to him.

Following the confiscation order, James Ibori expressed his intention to appeal the decision made by the UK court. The court had ordered the seizure of £101.5 million that was directly connected to Ibori.

Since Britain’s Proceeds of Crime Act came into force in 2002, Ibori’s confiscation order is the second largest made under the Act, according to data obtained by Reuters from the CPS under a Freedom of Information law. Gohil’s is the fifth largest.

According to data obtained by Reuters through a Freedom of Information request, James Ibori’s confiscation order is the second largest made under Britain’s Proceeds of Crime Act, which was enacted in 2002. This shows the severity of the case. On the other hand, Bhadresh Gohil’s confiscation order ranks as the fifth largest.

With its highly developed financial and legal services and lucrative property market, Britain is a global money-laundering hub, but it is rare for the foreign kleptocrats it attracts to be prosecuted and Ibori’s case remains an outlier.

Britain is known for its advanced financial and legal infrastructure, as well as its prosperous real estate market. Unfortunately, these factors also make it an attractive hub for global money laundering. However, it is quite uncommon for foreign individuals who engage in illicit activities to be prosecuted. Consequently, the case of James Ibori stands out as an exception to the norm.

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