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Investing your time

Investing as said by so many people is really a way one can get to live a life well desired and aspired. On this short but important article I will be talking about one of the most important thing one can invest in which is time.

Time as earlier said is a yardstick which is used to calculate or check a person period on earth and that not withstanding time is a very important resources which many people leave out of their plan as they feel that “there’s still time” one must note in this article that 24hrs in a day is the sane 24hrs of someone else I another country irrespective of the time zone difference. Now let’s go into some few tips on investing wisely with our time;

1)Time management: one must always ensure that he makes good use of his/her time as “time” is very important.

2) stop procrastinating: do it now rather than saying you’ll do it later because time wait for no body.

3) Read books, watch educative videos: reading books changes the perspective of a person as what you read affect you either positively or negatively so be sure to read educative and financial books do also watch videos that educate you more and enlighten you better.

4) Have a mentor: having a mentor simply means following the footstep of the person in the right channel of what you’re aiming to achieve.

5) set your goals and visions in life: everyone successful man on earth all had a goal and vision which they aimed to achieve so set your goals, write them down and work towards achieving them.

6) Reduce your time social medias and things that does not benefit your time. Remember time is money so monetize your time

7) Always keep praying and studying the bible as God is the giver of riches and the one that blesses with times and opportunity

8) be positive always and stay close to friends that are also of like mind

9) lastly, understand NLP( NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING)  which will be discussed as time goes on.

So therefore, invest your time wisel and see the very best that comes out of you. Be productive and stay tuned for more interesting articles


By: Ojukwu Franklin

*Investing is the way forward to a better life*

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Chioma Ojukwu
Chioma Ojukwu
1 year ago

Cool article

Schwiz Josh
1 year ago

Keep it up



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