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Kirukaah’s debut EP’Sanguine’ is a jazz victory, which is why you should know her


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Since the beginning of February, Kirukaah’s debut EP Sanguine has made the sound of jazz music among other influences. EP’s corkscrew is filled with whimsical joy on the tropical Ricochet, which laughs at empty promises at the beginning of the romantic relationship, while the close-range Jeopardize becomes dark and vindictive, dealing with hurt feelings and keeping boundaries.

“Sanguine (positive and optimistic) is my metaphor for love. This is not always the case, but it is now, and it has changed my life. So it is symbolic to me.” Kirukaah used words and words to explain her EP title, and more intuitively in a trailer, she wore a skirt wrapped in tulle along the shore of the beach.

The 5-track project was recorded at different times, dating back to 2013 Harmattan and Sunday Noon Blues. For Jeopardize and Dynamite, her producer Wondamagik sent her a rough version of the instrument in 2019 and co-written it with artist Kyrian Asher, while Ricochet was during the early lock-in of the coronavirus pandemic last year Prepared. “But the actual recording took 5 days. Magik came to Lagos. We just stayed at home for 5 days, and we performed continuous vibration and recording.” Minutes later, she discovered that the original choice “Fizzy K” was before the pre-release I competed on Spotify in two days, so I competed for a stage name. However, for Kirukaah now, there is a sense of satisfaction in choosing the name, because Nkiruka means Igbo’s future is bigger. “For my life, this is my current philosophy: I believe that things in front of me are always bigger than things behind me.” Kirukaah added.

This is because it is already related to another aspect of art (film making). Her popular work, the evocative 2017 short film Bariga Sugar, has been well received by critics at home and abroad. Therefore, this 2020 YNaija work has launched a movement, hoping that her and Netflix partners will be able to circulate original series because she has the ability to tell stories.

Kirukaah / Picture source: Kirukaah

Kirukaah / Picture source: Kirukaah

Ifeoma may like to make movies, but Kirukaah’s attraction to music first appeared . As a child, she would listen to the works of various genres and artists when she grew up, and lost her appetite in the process. “A lot of places in my home are the iconic “places of grace” of Aretha, Beyonce, Brenda Fassie, Asa, Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. There are many in my house,” Kiruka recalled. “Sade, the lighthouse family , Fira, Britney Spears, Marvin Gaye, Lil Kim, Brandy, Jill Scott, Onyeka Onwenu, many West African funk people in the 70s, such as The Funkees (mainly due to my father), Nigerians’ high life .”

Kirukaah was born in Warri and now lives in Port Harcourt (Port Harcourt) at the age of three, lived there for 13 years, and then moved to Texas at the age of 16. Austin goes to college. Kirukaah stayed there for four years, then returned to Abuja for two years, where she undertook a mandatory youth service program, dabbled in music and movies, and decided to make movies appropriately. She later moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to attend school at the New York Film Academy, and returned to Lagos by plane a year later. She lived in Lagos for only five years, until January this year, and is now wandering between Lagos and Accra.

~ In the process of showing the new singer in YNaija’s weekly beat, the 29-year-old singer and songwriter found out more about his debut EP Sanguine and how to balance it Information on her artistic identity.

Yes, at least in Nigeria, what does this mean for a shift in mainstream music?

Yes, it’s jazz, soul music, some fashionable music, some upper-class and African Americans. Making music has deviated from the mainstream of Nigeria. This is not my own wise decision. I just create what I like and feel. I am willing to accept more types of music because I will listen to many different types of music and will be inspired from time to time to create music that matches it. However, soul, funk and jazz will always be my “home”, because that is where I prefer myself and find me the center of my style and musical influence.

Why did you decide to assume that you have portrayed the identity of a film producer, would you like music?

~ I like it. This is my first hobby. Even before making a movie. I have been singing since I was young. Always in the choir, always on the stage. My mother is a bit like a “stage mother”, she really likes music and performances with me. She likes music. (I already had 2 complete gospel albums before I was 15 years old, both of which were made by her. All these songs and videos are now somewhere on the Internet, but I hope they will not be discovered because of embarrassment, God [Laughs]. My dear, let us thank God for the shining

~ Anyway, I have been away from music for the longest time, because late adolescence and early adulthood caused a kind of music around I don’t know about severe anxiety and self-doubt. But as I get older, I spend more and more time with people. I understand that life is too short to do what I like to do because you have other An identity, or because of fear or anxiety. The lies you tell you make you avoid things that feed your soul.

~ I believe that all our gifts and resources are like gardens. Every talent/ The gifts/resources are all plants in the garden. You can water each plant, maybe not at the same time, but if you choose (and have the privilege), why not water all plants instead of just one. Movie And music is not the end for me. I have many interests and talents (if I say so myself), and I plan to try at least each one. I want to die.When I was old and pale, I left all this on the stage of life, and then took the exit bow and arrow to another plane. My father always told me that life is not a rehearsal, but to go all out. I am trying to do it. It is also fun to explore all the flowers and plants in my garden.

Kirukaah / Picture source: Kirukaah

Kirukaah / Picture source: Kirukaah

How do you plan to maintain or play with movie making and singing?

By using my support system and relying on them when needed. I also believe that God and my will give me strength and will. This is not the easiest thing, because tiredness is a real thing, I try to avoid mental fatigue, because when this happens to me I am not cute at all, it is simply a mess. I also participated in the entire 9-5 work (fortunately, I work remotely most of the time, and in areas where I also like advertising), so I have to be extra careful in managing my time. Thankfully, I like music and movies very much. These are my two great passions for life, so it almost never feels like work. I think a lot of my work is playing (even my “daily work”), which I am very grateful for.

What are the challenges of becoming an independent singer?

You have to figure out many things yourself, basically manage your own brand, and then put everything on your own. Start by yourself, troubleshoot yourself, develop your own strategy, and raise your own funds. . But, honestly, I won’t talk about this situation. I am very happy to work with outstanding friends, family and collaborators, who are always ready to provide support and help within the scope of their expertise. Sometimes even beyond their expertise. It’s like “Fizzy, we will find that we don’t need to worry about this. Is there anything I can do to help? What can I do?” For me, just a guarantee is enough. This makes me feel “carried”.

~ Although the obstacles and dilemmas of independent art still exist, they are not terrible for me now. Maybe in the future I will change my mind, but for now, I think.

~ But I just started to make music professionally, so I don’t have enough skins in the game to discuss its challenges in detail. Now I only spend a whole day at a time, trying to enjoy the journey.

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