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Lawyer Blasts IPOB DOS for Endangering Nnamdi Kanu’s Life

A Lawyer accused IPOB’s DOS of putting Nnamdi Kanu’s life in danger

Aloy Ejimakor, who is Nnamdi Kanu’s Special Counsel, has accused the Department of Security Services (DOS) within the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) of jeopardizing the life of their leader, who is currently in detention. Ejimakor addressed a press release on Saturday, clarifying that Kanu directly delegated the task to him to seek out an individual medical doctor independent of the prison doctors to attend to him. This explanation was in response to claims made by Chika Edoziem, a chieftain in the IPOB, that Ejimakor, and two independent medical doctors, are barred from seeing Kanu in confinement.

“My attention has been drawn to a defamatory press release presently in active publication and circulation, signed and distributed by one Chika Edoziem, purporting to be leader of IPOB Department of State, stating that he has banned me from visiting my client, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu at the DSS where he is being detained extrajudicially and unconstitutionally,” Ejimakor said in response.

Ejimakor cautioned Edoziem, stating that no one, not the Nigerian Government, nor the courts, nor the Kanu family and his lawyers, has the authority to determine who visits Kanu or to mandate independent medical care. Only Nnamdi Kanu himself, according to Ejimakor, has the absolute authority to decide who visits him and who his independent physician will be. Ejimakor notes that Kanu picked out authorized medical practitioners, who were refused access to him in confinement.

“More so, it is pertinent to drum it home that it is inherently evil for anyone to use the life-and-death matter of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s health to settle phantom scores with his family or any of his lawyers,” Ejimakor asserts in his press release.

By impeding independent physicians, Ejimakor believes that Edoziem and his companions, who have been involved in conspiracies against Kanu’s defense, are putting Kanu’s life at risk. Ejimakor stated that he and Nnamdi Kanu’s family should be kept out of health-related matters.

Ejimakor has stated that he will take appropriate actions against those who have made threats against his family and been engaged in grave allegations.

The fight between the IPOB DOS and leading lawyers in defense of Nnamdi Kanu appears to be escalating, with more defense attorneys disputing the allegations made against them by Edoziem, and Kanu’s family members making statements about the ongoing trial. Everyone hoping for a swift resolution remains on the edge of their seat.

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