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NATO Summit Buzz: Biden’s Diplomatic Journey Includes a Regal Encounter with King Charles III and a Powwow with PM Sunak in Britain

US President Joe Biden Visits UK: Meeting with King Charles III and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

US President Joe Biden arrived in Britain on Monday for a brief visit to his key ally. The purpose of the visit is to strengthen the close relationship between the two countries. During his time in the UK, Biden will meet with King Charles III and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak before heading to a NATO summit in Lithuania.

Meeting with King Charles III at Windsor Castle

The king will host Biden at Windsor Castle, a royal residence west of London. The two leaders are expected to discuss climate issues, which is a subject close to Charles’ heart. This meeting marks their first encounter since the monarch’s coronation in early May. It’s worth noting that First Lady Jill Biden attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in September.

Fifth Meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Before meeting with King Charles III, Biden will have his fifth meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Their recent discussions have covered various topics including Ukraine, AI regulation, and post-Brexit ties. They have also agreed on a new economic partnership called the “Atlantic Declaration”. Biden has expressed that the United States has no closer ally than Britain. However, the UK’s hopes for a post-Brexit free-trade agreement with the US were not fulfilled during Sunak’s visit to the United States last month.

Focus on Ukraine and Russia

One of the key subjects on the agenda during Biden’s visit will be the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The two countries are important allies of Ukraine, and Biden has pledged to provide controversial cluster munitions to Kyiv. This decision has raised concerns from rights groups due to the potential danger posed to civilians by unexploded bomblets. However, Biden justified this action, stating that Ukrainian forces are running low on ammunition in their counteroffensive against Russian troops. Both the US and the UK have expressed their support for Ukraine, with Britain supplying heavy battle tanks and long-range weapons. The talks between Biden and Sunak will allow them to “compare notes” on the situation in Ukraine before their meeting with NATO leaders in Lithuania.

Future Plans: Lithuania and Finland

Following his visit to the UK, Biden will travel to Lithuania for a NATO summit. The focus of the summit will be Ukraine, and the country is hoping for a clear signal that it could potentially join the US-led alliance. After the summit, Biden will continue his trip by visiting Finland, NATO’s newest member, for a US-Nordic Leaders Summit. Northern Ireland may also be a topic of discussion between Sunak and Biden, as the president has shown an ongoing interest in the post-Brexit trading rules in the region.

Overall, Biden’s visit to the UK reaffirms the strong relationship between the two countries and provides an opportunity for important discussions on climate issues, Ukraine, and other international matters.

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