November 26, 2022 6:56 pm

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Nature’s Teaching


Article on nature’s teaching to everyone who is ready to succeed no matter the challenges on the way.  

 We wake up to a call of nature seeing all things beautiful; the sun, the sky, trees, the birds and even the morning wind thanking our Father God in heaven for another great opportunity to witness a beautiful day.

Nature in it own way has brought to us so many things as we have seen in life and one thing to be grateful of is those who truely love us alive. Looking at life itself is somewhere we found ourselves one day and we strive to be the best we can and bring out the greatness in us all. As a tree looses all it leaves in a year so does it also grows more and bear more fruits. As the sky is blue and shows forth it beautiful colour so also does it get dark and dim in somedays of the early hours. As the sun shines in the morning so also does the rain falls in some days too and what nature speaks here is there is a season for everything.

As a human being, there is a season for everything on earth and when you plant your seeds you will have to wait and reap your harvest. Never be negative about your current situation as nature has made us Understand that there are times and seasons for everything. Never compare yourself to another because you don’t know what the other man is facing but in all give thanks to God because better days are coming. As you look up at night at the stars so shall you be great if you keep on persisting to achieve Success and greatness. As the stars shine so bright at night so shall you shine one day. Don’t compromise as the sun never compromise to take the whole day and shine at night. Let your dream be so high and big that it even looks like you’re dreaming in another dream but never you give up on your dreams in life because one day you will tell the story and your story will motivate millions of people out there.

Learn from the lesson of nature and keep aimin higher. Don’t give up on yourself know that challenges comes to take you to another height of greatness and make you victorious. Be victorious today and let your mind be the engine room.

  By: Ojukwu Franklin

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