October 2, 2022 1:21 pm

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Over N400,000, UBTH seizes students’ bodies; the family protests

Glory Ekeleyede, a 12-year-old student at New Era College in Benin, Edo State, passed away on July 15th from an illness. Her family has requested assistance in retrieving her remains so that it can be buried.
Samson Ekeleyede, the deceased father, said that the management of UBTH had kept the body because the family was unable to pay a debt for N400,000.
Ekeleyede informed journalists that his daughter’s illness absolutely destroyed the family and that they were still in debt to many people as a result of their desperation to save her life. He said that he does menial jobs to support his family.
He said that Glory’s illness completely destroyed their finances. He had work odd jobs outside to provide for the family. They had been getting by thanks to my wife’s market sales of peppers and tomatoes.
Glory rarely got sick, but the one illness she did have was the one that killed her. When she didn’t improve after three days of treatment at several locations because they assumed she had a fever, they returned her to the hospital where she was born, Supreme Hospital, and the hospital recommended that they contacted UBTH, he continued.
He further said that at UBTH, they had numerous tests and purchased a variety of medications, but she eventually passed away and they were informed that they had to pay a balance of N393,910 before they could collect her body. UBTH wouldn’t allow him keep her body until he had paid the bill.
Ekeleyede stated that his family is requesting assistance from the Edo State government, non-governmental organizations, and kindhearted people.
Joshua Uwaila, the UBTH Public Relations Officer, responded that he was unaware of the situation but suggested that the deceased’s father might not have used the proper channels to request the hospital’s help.
In response to this, he said that Medical Social Services is a department that they have. Cases involving poor patients and societal problems are handled there, and those are the ones that are escalated to management. Naturally, they must also do their own inquiries to determine whether the receiver are truly destitute.
In order to maintain the hospital, management needs payment for services. Therefore, everyone is cautious when it comes to anything related to government money. Although the situation is pitiful, someone must pay the bill; a good Samaritan, charity, or NGO.

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