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Revealed: Average Worker’s Earnings Fall Short of a Single Tank of Fuel, Claims Reps. Speaker, Abbas

“Tajudeen Abbas: The Fight for Fair Wages and Corruption-Free Nigeria”

blockquote>Tajudeen Abbas, speaker of the House of Representatives, on Monday, advocated for a review of salaries for workers in the country.

The Speaker, speaking at an event organized in his honor by the Nigerian high commission in London, emphasized the importance of reassessing the wages given the current economic reality. Abbas stressed the necessity of establishing a living wage that adequately provides for the basic needs of workers, eliminating the need for additional, often unlawful, income.

Abbas drew attention to the disparity between the meager earnings of the average worker and the cost of filling a car tank, highlighting the immense challenges workers face when trying to maintain honesty and transparency. To combat corruption effectively, he argued, society must take action to address the underlying economic gaps that incentivize dishonesty and corruption.

Citing successful examples from the United Kingdom and other Western countries, he proposed that Nigeria follow suit and ensure that workers receive wages that cover essential expenses, such as rent and other basics. By providing sufficient incentive for individuals to live well without resorting to borrowing or stealing, Abbas believes Nigeria can create an environment where transparency and ethical conduct prevail.

For this vision to become a reality, Abbas stressed the need to strengthen the rule of law in the country. Only when everyone, regardless of their social status or influence, faces equal treatment under the law can Nigeria truly combat corruption and promote justice and fairness. He stated that the current system, where certain individuals can evade punishment based on their connections or wealth, must be eradicated for meaningful progress to be achieved.

Abbas concluded by highlighting the critical importance of a corruption-free Nigeria, urging the nation to prioritize the fight against corruption and create an environment where citizens can lead dignified lives with their families.

In a bold call for change, Tajudeen Abbas has emphasized the urgent need for a comprehensive salary review and a system that treats all individuals equally, regardless of their wealth or influence. His vision for a corruption-free society and a fair living wage resonates with the struggles and aspirations of many Nigerians. Only time will tell if his words will lead to meaningful change or remain mere rhetoric in the fight against corruption.

The original article can be found on [Information Nigeria](https://www.informationng.com/2021/10/salary-review-average-worker-earns-less-than-fuel-used-to-fill-car-tank-reps-speaker-abbas.html).

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