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Ten ‘Normal’ Things you do on WhatsApp that are Killing Your Sales


Ten “normal” things you do on WhatsApp that are killing your sales


Did you know that the average business owner checks WhatsApp seven times an hour?

Did you also know that WhatsApp has 200 million active users with 20 billion messages sent each day?

Combine these two statistics and you’ll find that most businesses are using WhatsApp in their day-to-day activities, not just to communicate with colleagues and clients, but to generate new leads as well.

It’s true that even the slightest mistake in your marketing strategy can cost you new customers and clients, which is why it’s important to be aware of how your use of WhatsApp impacts your ability to grow your business.


1. Always Flooding Status with Products 


Instead of publishing long lists of the same or similar sets of products every day, you should be creative with your posts.

You could find other inspirational, educational, or entertaining content that can be linked to your niche and post it.

Sharing content is a great way to engage with followers and have meaningful conversations.

Keep in mind that it’s best not to spam followers too much, so make sure they’re relevant and beneficial.

You can add pictures of yourself wearing the clothes or accessories you sell!

Include links to new arrivals and special offers Use hashtags like #ootd, #instafashion, #styleoftheday.

In all, be more conversational than promotional.

Respond to questions in the comments sections; answer questions about sizing or colors.


2. No DP or Irrelevant DP


DP-Display Picture

Some business owners use an unrelated display or profile photo, or they don’t have one at all.

e.g., using actor “Lee Min Hoo” as your display picture when you are a data reseller.

As a result, you receive fewer positive client views or they take you less seriously.

Ideally, your DP should be you or something that represents your business.

It can also be like any other social media account.

The only thing to avoid is irrelevant DPs like actors and sports stars, who don’t represent what you do in any way.

So if you’re not a designer, don’t use Van Gogh’s sunflowers as your background image!


3. Using Disappearing Messages


Even while most people try not to think negatively about this, it gives your business contacts the strange impression that you might not be sincere or that you are a scammer.

Especially if it’s not a mutual agreement.

What is the evidence that we did business if we have a chat that will vanish in 24 hours or more ?

Your prospects will prefer to go to places where they feel secure or confident of the authenticity of the other party.

Would you buy an expensive item from someone whose messages disappear after he makes contact with you?

Using disappearing messages is not bad, but considering the effects on your corporate space, you should use it only when both parties agree and set clear expectations upfront.


4. Turning Off Read Receipts


Although many people use this tool for legitimate reasons, it has a detrimental impact on your corporate space.

Your clients or prospects would love to know when their messages are read and they expect replies, but if they discover at some point that you turned off read receipts, they may start to think you are or may be ignoring them, and this perception can cost you sales opportunities.

Although some people use read receipts because of the large number of messages they receive on a daily basis, there are other ways of letting your customer know you received the message.

You can use automated messages. For example, “I received your message” with an emoji of a face (happy face) emoticon-

give the impression that you have seen their message and acknowledged it.


5. Not Having a Catalog


A potential client wants to see your catalog on your WhatsApp business profile after learning more about you.

A thorough catalog encourages people to buy from you and relieves them of the pressure of having to ask about prices to determine what they can afford, especially when they are just checking on you for a quick visit.

You need not spend too much time making one. We can help with that by sending us a message @ greenconnect.link.

Merely include links to websites or provide photos with captions describing the products in order to satisfy their need for information.

While it is necessary to upload a catalog onto your profile, if you want to have one, then it is highly recommended that you at least have some necessary and required content on there.

If possible, make sure the catalog has products of different prices so as not to alienate clients with differing budgets .

The most important thing is to present an image of professionalism and good service.


6. Not Always Online


You should always be online if what you do involves the internet. Your internet presence is very important and benefits those who require your immediate attention.

People will want to always recommend you to others if you are always active and engaged in business.

If you won’t be online for a long period of time, you might as well let your customers know that you will be away for an estimated period of time.

You can leave them a message informing them of when they can expect your return.

Letting people know that you’ll be out also prevents them from reaching out when they need urgent help or advice.

Some business owners find it beneficial to keep their social media posts up-to-date with their whereabouts.

This way, if someone really needs your assistance urgently but can’t reach you online, they could try looking for updates about where you may be or call you depending on your privacy options.


7. You Don’t Market Enough


If I could just tell you one thing to work on, it would be marketing.

It’s not difficult, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and it will make a huge difference in your business.

Have some fun with it-this is the part of your business where you can play! Share photos, videos, links to blog posts or any other content that you think might interest your clients.

Share them at strategic times when they’re most likely to open them (e.g., first thing in the morning).

The more shares and comments you get from friends, family, and colleagues on WhatsApp, the more people will start following you too.

So take care of your existing followers by providing something worth reading every day through posts like these , videos, and other posts.

And if you need help getting started, we’ve got all sorts of tools here to make your life easier.

Visit our [email protected] greenconnect.link.


8. You Don’t Give Them A Deadline


You don’t give them a deadline, so they don’t have a sense of urgency.

When someone is interested in your product, ask them when they want to buy it.

You can even set up an autoresponder sequence to remind them at specific intervals or when they haven’t responded to the first one.

They may need time to think about it or get their finances in order, but if you let them keep doing nothing, they’ll forget about it and never buy from you.

Make sure you give them a date by which they must reply.

If they’re not interested, politely tell them thanks for considering and move on to other prospects.

By giving them a deadline, you’ll force those who really want what you’re selling to act before it’s too late.

And remember, deadlines are good for business!


9. You Offer Vague Information about yourself and your Business


You offer vague information about yourself and your business.

For example, I’m an online merchant. Or I sell handmade jewelry.

What kind of merchant?

What type of jewelry?

The more specific you are, the more likely someone will be interested in what you have to say.

And it makes it easier for people to remember who you are when they come across your profile again.

That way, if they’re considering buying something from you or following your account, they’ll know exactly what they’re getting into.

It’s also worth mentioning why anyone should care about your company at all.

Is there a story behind it?

Why does this company exist?

Who is the founder and what drives them every day?

These are just some basic questions you can answer to give potential customers a little more insight into your company.

And don’t forget to tell people how they can find out more!

Asking others questions gives them space to talk about themselves, their passions, their needs, all the things that matter most when making a purchase decision.


10. You Don’t Have a Strong Brand Personality


If you’re not consistent and people can’t identify with who you are, then you don’t have a strong brand personality.

There’s no such thing as “too personal.”

You need to share information about yourself and the people around you so they feel connected to your company.

People want someone they can relate to and they want someone who understands them, which is why storytelling is an essential marketing tool.

Sharing stories and answering questions is how we bond with our audience.

It’s what connects us emotionally to them.

By doing this regularly, we establish trust with our community.

They know us better than anyone else, and they’ll never be swayed by competitors because they’re already invested in our brand.

There are other ways in which this strategy can help you grow:

You’ll become a go-to source for breaking news,

Your followers are more engaged than ever before.

It provides excellent customer service opportunities.


In conclusion ,

It’s important to remember that there’s no right or wrong way to market your business; there are only some necessary things to do.

What matters is what works for you.

Just remember to be strategic and careful with how you use your time and energy.

One thing at a time, one day at a time, one follower at a time, one customer at a time.

You know the drill!

It’s all about posting content people want to see, not what they don’t want to see.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work; keep trying different approaches until you find something that sticks.

And even then, change up the approach as much as possible so people don’t get bored of seeing the same thing over and over again.

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