December 3, 2022 4:58 pm

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The power of the mindset


Many at times alot of people look at the mindset in so many ways and from different angles but still so to say some may have been right in their evaluation on actually getting the through insights of the power of the mindset. In this short but important article today we will be looking at the power in the mindset and how can help channel his mind in a postivie direction.

In a book I read sometimes ago the title was “battlefield of the mind” by joyce meyer a very powerful woman of the gospel and also and inspired to many through the story. She really touched a lot on the mindset and spiritual ways of recovering from negative mindset but before we go further what is actually this mindset. Mindset is just ones present state of mind it’s like say the mind having control over the actions people carry out which definitely is true and correct we can not dive into this topic without understanding how important the mind is to man. When God created the world he gave man a mind of his own meaning he gave my a free choice of what to do that’s why you see people today carrying out things on their own free will as a result of the mindset.

Furthermore, it has been said that the mind controls everything action and choice of man isn’t that it… Yes it is. Is the mind a person of it own then? No it isn’t. The mind is controlled by the person who lives and breath in that body but today so many people allow the mind to control them and that’s what leads us to the power of the mindset. You must be careful not to allow that so inorder for you to be in total charge of your mind and state of art, if you’re feeling depressed cheer yourself up,lonely then comfort yourself with an activity,down then tell yourself that you can overcome and as a result you’re feeding your mind positivity. One truth about the mindset is that what you give it is what it will give back in return. If you call yourself a failure the mind takes it and most times what you’ll begin to get is failure and failed things but if you tell your mind you’re a success it takes it and project your life as a success that’s why most successful speakers tells us not to give up and have confidence in ourselves as a results of that the power in your mind begins to work for you.

We have come to the end of this short article and I really hope it was helpful and lucrative please you can comment below on your thought and also give it a like thank you and God bless.

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