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Top 10 Reasons to Only Shop for Fresh Groceries


Top 10 Reasons to Buy Only Fresh Groceries


People who only shop for fresh foods and produce know that it’s the only way to live an optimally healthy lifestyle. 


You’ve probably heard before that you should only buy fresh groceries, but why? 

What makes fresh foods so much better than their non-fresh counterparts? 


Most people simply don’t know how much fresher food tastes, nor do they understand the health benefits of eating it on a regular basis. 


To change this, consider this list of reasons why freshness is a necessity in grocery shopping. 


Trust us—it’s for your own good. 

We’ve come up with the top 10 reasons why you should only shop for fresh groceries every week.





1. No Risk of Moldy or Spoiled Foods


With your fresh produce, meat, and dairy all in their correct places, it’s always easy to see what you need. 


The produce is usually at eye level, so picking out what you want is as simple as just grabbing it! 


Not only will this save you time when grocery shopping, but it will also make sure that you’re only buying exactly what you want and not wasting any money on items that are no longer edible. 


Additionally, if you’re going to be eating something soon after buying it, then a fresh grocery store is going to be perfect because they’ll have plenty of stock. 


For example, if there’s a large group coming over for dinner, then having fresh groceries on hand can guarantee that everyone has plenty to eat without waiting too long. 





2. No Need to Check Expiration Dates


If you are shopping for fresh produce,then there is no need to check expiration dates.


You can tell when a fruit or vegetable is ripe by its appearance. 

Fruits and vegetables will be the brightest colors that they can be. 


The best way to know when a fruit or vegetable is ripe is to look at the color of the skin. 

Some fruits and vegetables will change color as they ripen. 


For example, green bananas turn yellow as they ripen. 

Sometimes the color of orange changes from dark to light. 


Oranges are also very easy to peel because their flesh becomes softer and juicier with time, which is why many people buy them towards the end of winter (when oranges have been out of season). 


Avocados usually ripen within one week after they’ve been picked, but may remain unripe if refrigerated. 

Good or bad fresh produce is easy to detect.





3. The foods have already been produced in the right way


The food has already been produced the right way and doesn’t need any additional changes. There is no guesswork in what the ingredients are, how they’ve been handled, or if there’s anything artificial in them. 


A pre-packaged salad dressing might say salad dressing on the label, but there are a lot of other ingredients that will stay under wraps until you take a closer look. 


And you’ll never know how long that product has been sitting on the shelf waiting for someone to buy it. 


You can’t tell by looking at an apple whether it was picked up off the ground or off a tree last week. 


You don’t want to find out your food isn’t fresh when you’re sitting down to enjoy your meal. 

If there are better options, why not choose them? 





4. Great Taste with Easier Preparation


The number one benefit of eating fresh groceries is that they taste better. 


The produce retains its natural flavors, while canned and frozen fruits and vegetables are treated with preservatives that affect the flavor. 


The package might say ‘fresh’, but it has a lower level of quality than food in its natural state, even if it doesn’t look quite as nice. 


Eating fresh foods also means you will have more variety, as canned and frozen foods only come in a few options. 


The difference in flavor between store-bought vegetables and vegetables grown in soil can never be overstated. 


It’s practically criminal that some people have never experienced this culinary wonder firsthand. 


Not only does it make everything taste better, but it also provides an unparalleled amount of nutrients necessary for the human body’s well-being. 





5. Lower Cost of Food


If the food is not fresh, then it can expire quickly and require a lot of storage space. 

The lower cost of food will allow you to buy more without worrying about wasting money on spoiled products. 


Buying fresh food reduces health problems such as bacteria growth and poisoning risks. Fewer preservatives imply healthier foods with no artificial flavors or colourings. 


Shoppers will feel like they are in control of their own grocery experience instead of having a store dictate what they need. 


It is easier to tell if an item has gone bad since there is less packaging that needs to be opened up before using it.





6. Better Ingredients


Choosing fresh, high-quality ingredients will make you feel like a real pro in the kitchen. 


Plus, with these easy guidelines on choosing fresh ingredients, you can create meals that taste and look amazing. 


Choose fruit without any bruises or discoloration. 


Choose produce with soft flesh that’s heavy for its size. 


Avoid fruits and vegetables that are rock hard or limp. 


Check all perishables every few days to ensure they haven’t gone bad. 


Use freezer burn as a guideline: if food has black or gray spots, it is unsafe to consume. 


When in doubt, throw it out! 


Store produce on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator so that its coldness will help keep other foods fresh. 


Fruit and vegetable items should be eaten within two weeks of the purchase date. 

Meat should be eaten within three days. 

Bread and dairy products should be eaten within five days; bread should be eaten within seven days.





7. Less Additives


Fresh produce comes with fewer additives and preservatives than canned and processed foods.


It also comes with more fiber, more nutrients, and more taste. 

Farmers’ markets provide a unique opportunity to meet the farmer who grows your food. 


Purchasing your food from a farmer allows you the chance to know exactly where it came from and what has been done to it before it reaches your table. 


Many farmers at markets will even give you recipes on how to best prepare their products. 


Buying fruits and vegetables in season is a great way to save money because prices are usually lower when they are in season.





8. Healthier Options at Hand When Shopping


Fresh produce ensures healthier options on hand when shopping. 

There is no need to worry about the shelf life of an item or if it was in a certain area of the store. 


Produce is seasonal and perishable, so it is sold only while it is in season.


With the supermarket shelves stocked with only food that will spoil quickly, there is less likelihood of stocking dangerous foods that have been left out too long. 


The longer you wait after purchasing produce, the more time bacteria has had to grow and cause food-borne illnesses.





9. Local Farms Don’t Use Chemicals on Their Products


No need to worry about the produce from local farms getting watered down with pesticides or other harmful chemicals. 


By shopping at your local farm stand or farmers’ market, you can save money and get fresh produce that was grown using organic methods. 


It’s a great way to connect with your community while supporting small business owners. 


You’ll also have a wide variety of options when it comes to fruits and vegetables because many grocery stores carry only certain items. 


Local produce will last longer in your fridge since it doesn’t travel far distances like produce from grocery stores does.





10. Fast and Easy Ways to Prepare Foods


Fresh groceries ensure fast and easy ways to prepare foods.

All the ingredients are available in one location, so it’s easy to whip up a healthy meal or snack. 


You can find all of your produce at the grocery store. 

The market is filled with fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, cheese, breads, and meats that are ready to eat. 


These foods are fresher than the pre-packaged options from the supermarket because they haven’t been sitting on a shelf for weeks before being purchased. 


They’re also healthier because they don’t contain preservatives and additives. 

Plus, you have more control over what goes into your food.




In conclusion,


When it comes to quality, freshness is the ultimate trump card. 


After all, isn’t food supposed to be the ultimate comfort? 

And what do you reach for when you need a pick-me-up? 



In that case, why not get ingredients straight from the source and put them into dishes that nourish your body from head to toe? 


So, put down those packets of ramen noodles and make like Neil Young. 


Live your best life by eating fresh groceries. Your taste buds will thank you for it! 


The days when grocery stores were merely venues where shoppers would go after work on their way home are long gone.



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