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Yerima Reveals Shocking Move: 14-Year-Old Egyptian He Married Now Pursuing Master’s Degree

Senator Ahmad Yerima on Friday defended his marriage to a 14-year-old Egyptian girl, which sent shockwaves across the globe 13 years ago when it first came to light.

In an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today, former Zamfara State governor, Senator Ahmad Yerima, stood by his controversial marriage to a 14-year-old Egyptian girl. The marriage had caused international uproar when it was revealed 13 years ago. Yerima’s marriage had drawn criticism from local human rights groups, who were outraged when reports surfaced in 2010 that he had wed a 13-year-old foreigner at the national mosque in Abuja. At the time, he was a sitting senator, which led to a Senate probe.

“And once they have not done that, it’s no longer a law.”

Yerima expressed his disapproval of the Child Rights Act (2003) and the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act (2015), arguing that these laws needed to be domesticated by the state assemblies after passing at the National Assembly to become applicable. He claimed that former President Olusegun Obasanjo had tried to “smuggle” the Child Rights Act, alleging that no state in the North had domesticated or passed it. Yerima questioned the validity of these laws, stating “And once they have not done that, it’s no longer a law.”

“Marriage could not stop education.”

When asked about the rights of children to education and other freedoms defined in the Child Rights Act, Yerima argued that marriage should not hinder education. He went on to reveal that his 14-year-old Egyptian wife was currently pursuing a master’s degree. Additionally, Yerima proudly mentioned that his own daughter, whom he had given away in marriage at the age of 16, was currently pursuing a PhD in London.

  1. $100,000 For Her Hand

    On the subject of the dowry that Yerima allegedly paid for his Egyptian wife, he clarified that it wasn’t a dowry. He explained that the figure of $100,000 included all the required provisions for the marriage, such as the house, dowry, and dresses for the bride. According to Yerima, these expenses were determined based on the conditions set forth by the Egyptian government’s law at that time. In Nigerian naira, the total cost equated to N15 million.
  2. Sharia Law and Marriage

    Yerima stated that Sharia Law allows individuals to give as much as is requested for marriage. He emphasized that all obligations in marriage are clearly stipulated under Sharia Law, including providing a house for the bride, as dictated by Egyptian government’s law.

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