June 6, 2023 11:48 pm

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A Hack That Catalyzes One’s Success – Pressure


Ever wondered why sometimes motivation isn’t enough? Whilst Motivation come from within, There’s a force that also needs to come from the universe. That that force is pressure.
Pressure is force acting on something. I’m not gonna bore you with physics but only relate it to life cos i found a principle here that governs life.
The principle is this
“Pressure speeds up success”
There’s a story about a man who wants marry the daughter of a king. But before the Kings approval, he would have to pass a test in which he swims through a river swarming with crocodiles.
During the test, his desire for the girl was overthrown by the sight of the crocodiles in the river, and in a stripe of fright, he gave up.
On retreating, someone pushed him into the water and he swam for his life and quickly got to the other end. He was not looking for the daughter again. He was looking for who pushed him into the water.
What drove him to swim was pressure from the dangerous condition of the water he was in. He went straight for the end of the river. He know he had to do it and as far as he’s in the water. He had better move.
Pressure motivated him. 
Hence, Motivation is not enough for success. He has by no means gathered motivation to swim, the guts. But there was a limit, & This is where pressure comes in.
Lets delve deep. Look at how we can relate it to today’s reality.
We are not swimming for success. We all have our various handwork & aspirations. We are motivated about it, but are we plugged to the pressure?
Observe, that you’re not the one pressing yourself. It comes from the environment. An external stimulus. And this is what I’m talking about. Successful people go right into pressure situations, it’s called staying out of the comfort zone.
If its not a comfort zone, it’s a pressure zone. If you get this, you will know that achieving success is easy. And is alot more than affirmations and motivations, which are considered as internal drive.
The math
Internal Drive => Motivation x Mindset => X
External Drive =>  Pressure => Y
Internal Drive(X) (Self Motivation, Affirmations) alone mathematically won’t get one there. It’s either a very slow or a stalled progress. The catalyst here, is Y
Recall The Science of creating the future;
The Present = The Future
Elements controllable in the present = Known future + Unknown Future. The known future is Success.
Move the unknown future to the left hand side, you have Commitment.
Accurate Commitment = Motivation x Pressure x Mindset
Motivation x Mindset x Pressure ==> Success
There’s a  factor to consider and that factor is mindset. If your mind and thought patterns isn’t correct, pressure will cause you to do all the wrong things. And eventually won’t give you the life you wanted. Pressure (including peer pressure) can make you or mar you. It comes down to mindset.
Consider Nigeria as a country.
The economy is hard. Economy has put pressure on people. Lots of criminal activities and people doing crazy things for money. This is a combination of Pressure and poor mindset.
If the mind is set right.. Fire owes you nothing but refinement.
It’s mindset first 👌
An analogy is relief sculpture and repeat pattern. A relief sculpture is used to make repeat patterns of art by carving a piece of rubber or wood, and then dabbing it on paint and then stamping it on surfaces to make design. The artist spends his time carving and when he’s done, he can make millions of art by stamping if he wish. That’s how the mind works.
If you spend time feeding your subconscious, conditioning, renewing your mind and taking in words, written or spoken life giving words, attending seminars, meeting inspiring people, surrounding yourself with them. Auditing the media you expose yourself to.. Then your mind becomes conditioned for success.
And now you know the missing ingredient to sure success, staying out of your comfort zone.
#pressure #science #success #motivation

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